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World’s 100 Best Mexican Jokes, from a Mexican

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There’s a saying in the comedy world: either everything can be funny, or nothing can be funny. We hope this collection of the world’s best Mexican jokes falls in line with the “everything can be funny” angle.

We kept them short, kept them sweet, and kept them spicy!

“It’s ok to laugh at each other sometimes, as long as after all the ignorant jokes, we actually respect each other.”

And please, we mean these in good fun. The next group we joke about might be yours!

To Warm Up, A Few Funny Mexican Memes

Before our funniest Mexican jokes leaderboard, we have put together for you a few exclusive memes that we think you will love:

netflix and chili jokes

The Juan jokes are some of the next Mexican jokes. We have a few hilarious ones on this page. For example:

juan in a hundred joke

We all know who the richest man is in the US, but who is the richest Mexican?

jeff pezos meme

We have a LOT more funny Mexican memes for you later. But let’s have a look at our funny Mexican jokes leaderboard:

The Funniest Mexican Jokes (Leaderboard)

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“It’s ok to laugh at each other sometimes, as long as after all the ignorant jokes, we actually respect each other.”

Funny Mexican Jokes / Memes

Click here to view our funniest Mexican memes, or keep scrolling for more Mexican jokes!

The Funniest Mexican Jokes Videos

If you enjoyed our leaderboard of Mexican jokes, you will enjoy this video selection even more.

I Love Mexicans! Loco Comedy Jam.

We also recommend this quick comedy video – “I love Mexicans!”:

Diego gets mugged

Diego gets mugged by a prejudiced thief. but Diego is just as prejudiced:

Comedy Time: That Mexican Look

Asian-American John Wynn, jokes about himself: “You know you have to get into a diet when you eat yourself into a new ethnicity. That is not good. I either look like a fat Asian guy. or a regular Mexican.”

The Mexican R*cist Gift Basket (Gabriel Iglesias)

Gabriel Iglesias shares his experience in Mobile, Alabama, where someone in his audience gave him… a gift basket.

Let’s End in Style with More Mexican Jokes

doctor suggests trying juicing to a mexican
avocado joke
how many tacos?
boy or girl? ... tacos

When Trump Visited Mexico…

Mexican actress Ana Brenda recommended that Mexican president blocks Trump at the border (“Come on, Mr. President (Mexican), make the migration joke and do not let him enter, and you will be a national hero”).

Keep Laughing:

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