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The Latest “Deez Nuts” Jokes in 2024 (Putin, Trump & More)

squirrel holding 2 nuts cartoon

Now that the original “Deez Nuts” video is getting close to 50 million views on YouTube, we thought it was time for a refresh on the best Deez Nuts jokes. We searched for the jokes with the MOST LIKES or the MOST UPVOTES on social media, and invented our own jokes and memes. Check out the results below!

Deez Nuts in the news in 2024… with Putin, Trump and Biden

Russia invades Ukraine and Vladimir Putin couldn’t care less:

meme with putin deez nuts joke

And Donald Trump is back for the presidential election this year… despite all the legal troubles. Do you think he cares?

Well, it will be decided at the polls in November 2024 for the Deez Nuts election:

What else is new this year? You’ve surely noticed all the talk about the latest fancy electric cars. It’s not just Tesla anymore. Surely someone at Honda had something in mind when calling their latest 2024 prototype “Afeela” (A feela af what?)

afeela joke new electric car

Top 10 Deez Nuts memes this year

Starting with the classy “play with these”:

deez nuts meme with wendy's
"the magic of disney" deez nuts joke
grabba deez nuts meme
deez nuts are not going to do it themselves meme
grinch salty nuts
sakon deez nuts joke
taking another picture meme

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The classics – older Deez Nuts jokes still topping our leaderboard

Friend A: How do you pronounce amood spelled Backwards?  
Friend B: euhhh…. dooma?
Friend A: doo-ma balls fit in ya mouth?  😂 

Friend A: I can’t believe that Sophia speaks Ligondese. 
Friend B: Ligondese? 
Friend A: Yes, Lig-on-dese Nuts!

Friend A: do you know Howard Dee? 
Friend B: nope. 
Friend C: How-ar Deez Nuts?

Friend A: Do you want some leftover pudding?
Friend B: Sure. 
Friend C: Well you can pudding deez nuts in your mouth.

Friend A: Do you want a free vase with some tulips? 
Friend B: Sure. How come?
Friend A: You are going to love your ‘two lips’ on Deez Nuts!

Friend A: You have UCD right?  Friend B: What’s UCD?  Friend A: UC-Deez Nuts!!

Friend A: I can’t believe they’ve been together for X years!  [Insert your age]
Friend B: Who?
Friend A: Deez nuts!

Friend A: Did Kenya text you? 
Friend B: Who’s Kenya? 
Friend A: Ken-ya fit deez nuts in your mouth?

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New trend: if you like deez nuts, you will love ligma, grabba and sugma

There are now variants to “Deez Nuts”, starting with Ligma, a joke that started in 2018:

Here is another example below: have you ever seen a “Tayka-LOO” cat?

Or have you heard of this city “Nibelma” in Africa?

Here is a list:


Deez Nuts has taken over Tiktok! 😂👌

Take a look at this entertaining compilation of the same challenge, now featured on TikTok. The reactions captured are truly captivating, ranging from sheer amusement to utter bewilderment, and frequently, pure shock 😂:

Watch our own video with our favorite Doctor… Dr Chewon (Chew On What??)

Our own Dr. Chewon was the first to diagnose the Deez Nuts condition – with hundreds of likes on YouTube:

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