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28 Funniest Deez Nuts Memes

world's funniest deez nuts memes

Deez Nuts jokes started back in the 90s, but took on a whole new dimensions in 2014-2015 when the jokes started trending online.

We have compiled for you the best selection of “Deez Nuts” memes, along with our own creations. Let’s get started!

Let’s Get Started with These few Hilarious Deez Nuts Memes

Deez Nuts jokes are all about the delivery. So let’s get started with an easy one… your partner wakes up and sees you cooking up breakfast:

2 eggs deez nuts meme

or if you enjoy a bit of romance in your jokes with your partner:

romantic deez nuts meme

For the eternal romantic:

And this one below with the horses is not quite as subtle but still effective.

deez nuts meme with horses galloping

Do you know… Justin? or Dee?

If you are about to get hungry, this Deez Nuts meme is for you:

wendy's deez nuts meme
megamind deez nuts meme

Deez Nuts Memes from Our Own Dr. Chewon

Have you not heard about Dr. Chewon? He is a master of Deez Nuts. Check out the memes below, and… (BONUS) the Dr. Chewon’s Best Deez Nuts jokes in our YouTube video.

You have a case of ligma:

deez nuts meme with dr chewon 1

My assistant Sakon has the results of your medical tests:

deez nuts meme with dr chewon 2

Don’t worry about your issues… you will simply need some of these:

deez nuts meme with dr chewon 3

We are (almost) done with your appointment. Let’s schedule a follow-up with Phil:

deez nuts meme with dr chewon 4

and one more Deez Nut meme from Dr Chewon for the road.

deez nuts meme with dr chewon 5

Watch our Dr Chewon’s Video. He is the best.

Squirrel-Inspired Deez Nuts Memes

It is well know that squirrels love a few nuts, so it’s not a surprise to see so many good “Deez Nuts” memes also featuring squirrels. Here are our favorites:

cute squirrel on a bench with a woman - deez nuts meme

The eternally romantic squirrel and his nuts:

romantic squirrels (not)

This photo below is almost as old as the internet, but is perfect for a Deez Nuts meme:

old meme with squirrels

The squirrel definitely knows what she really wants.

More Deez Nuts Memes and Jokes on Social

For Star Wars fans. Sometimes, simple is better:

In response to a funny question to find a new name for this interesting cat… “Deez Nuts” is a great name for this cat, of course.

This one is an easy Deez Nut joke to pull on anyone… what is the sound of galloping horses?

be patient… and follow… this sentence:

follow the story with words

Who doesn’t love a political joke? this one will work for both parties, proving that Deez Nuts jokes can unify people in laughter:

trump writing on mexican wall

And what is a perfectly appropriate response to an embarring interview question? You guessed it:

job interview response

Wal-Mart let this one slip by with a hilarious display:

grinch salty nuts

Another retail-related Deez Nuts meme. This time with Aldi, the discount retailer:

This one below might be a bit gross, even for dog lovers.

Do you know what’s soooo comfortable and relaxing? Deez big nuts of course!

Questionable Humor – Deez Nuts jokes With Smileys

Final Words of Wisdom

We need to finish this page in style. To end on a good note, an inspiring message from former US president John F Kennedy:

John F Kennedy meme

Before we start with the most-upvoted “Deez Nuts” joke leaderboard, check out this video featuring some of the best “Deez Nuts” jokes, delivered by the famous Dr Chewon. Chewon what, you may ask?

BONUS: The Best “Deez Nuts” Jokes, by Dr Chewon (Chew On…!)

You have just met Dr. Chewon in some of the memes above. But he’s funnier in a video format.

Who is the best at delivering Deez Nuts jokes? Dr Chewon, of course. Learn from the master – play the video:

More Deez Nuts Jokes

If you liked our memes, you will love our jokes. Check out our selection of the 71 Most Upvoted Deez Nuts Jokes [All-Time Leaderboard]

What Happened to the Deez Nuts Guy?

You’ve probably seen the Deez Nuts Guy in the youtube video that received 40 million views and 1 million likes. His real name is “Welven Harris”, and his life has been a roller coaster since he became an internet sensation and became instantly famous as the “Deez Nuts Guy“.

deez nuts guy header image

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