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40 Funniest ‘Mexican Word of The Day’ Memes


We love Mexico and celebrate its people, the culture and of course its delicious food. Let’s not forget the occasional margarita or tequila shots which can easily get you into deep trouble with HR after your impromptu striptease at the holiday party. Anyway, I digress.

Most of all, we delight in the way Mexicans can take English words and use them in such creative ways that we never imagined. Savor these crazy play on words that we can’t get enough of.

*** IMPORTANT: Discrimination toward people may create significant consequences for their well-being – the jokes on this page are meant to be in good fun – please always remain respectful ***

Man in sombrero stop crime. Word: juicy

(say something if “you see” something…)

Grandmother drinking. Word: Ice Melter

(“I smelled her” breath half a block away)

Multiple car pile-up. Word: tissue

(I’m going “to teach you” how to parallel park)

Old man pointing. Word: puma

(Come on “pull my” finger.)

Guy in Sombrero. word: Libarary

(I “lie very” well)

Stripper's leg with dollar bills in garter. Word: twerk

(She had to get to work – or in this case, work might have involved some twerking indeed)

Woman on plane with barefoot person's feet above. Word: choose

Someone took off their shoes!

Man in sombrero. Mama never left...Word: keychain

(She was always in the kitchen)

Man looking at other woman while with his partner. Word: Benedict

(I been a “d*ck” to her throughout the marriage)

Man in sombrero. I don't hang with my lady's friends...Word: ambition

(They be drinking “and b*tching about everything.)

Dog with hat and sunglasses. Word: Ashley

(But actually I was faking!)

Family members on same motorcycle. Word: mushrooom

(There is not “much room” for luggage)

Smiling woman. Word: dairy

(How “dare he!”)

Man in sombrero. You know why I lost the chance...Word: Habanero

(I not “have an arrow!”)

Man in sombrero. My wife warned...Word: cashew

(If I “catch you” with another skank…)

Dog laying down with beery bottle and wearing hat. Word: ;jalapeño.

(to be “all up in your” business.)

By the way, remember when Juan was the new employee and people made fun of because he smelled like a burrito and sounded funny? All those times when you asked him “Hey, are you number Juan or Number 2?” Well he’s now at a higher level than you because while you were laughing, he was working his cojones off and climbing the ladder of success. Here’s more absurdly silly memes to keep you further distracted from doing any work.

Woman covered with face piercings. Word: jubilee

(Can “you believe” she never got a 2nd interview…)

Man in sombrero with hand over eyes. Word: cheez it

(“Jesus Christ, look in the mirror…)

Face emoji with sombrero. Word: horizon

(I demanded that my wife keep “her eyes on” the stove!)

Man in sombrero. I senior wife without make up. Word: senior

(I “seen your” wife without make up…)

Man in sombrero. Kids, don't binge...Word: deliver

(It’s not good on “the liver”)

Guy in sombrero point with both hands. Word: disco

(I told him “this go” here and “this go” there!)

Man in sombrero laughing. Word: canopy

(“I cannot pee” with so many flies around)

Wigs on a shelf. Word: toupee

(When my wife forgot “to pay” for her new wig)

Grandparents ordering by phone. Word: Chicken

(Grandma decided “she can” use her own finger…)

Man in sombrero Maria nags me...Word: beechwood

(If only this “b*tch would” shut up for one minute)

Man in sombrero. Every time I eat at your mama's house. Word: afro

(Every time I eat at your mama’s house, “I throw” up later)

Man sneezing. Word: Covid

(because never “covered” his mouth)

Mariachi man smiling. Word: U.S. Mail

(Why do “you smell” like expired milk?)

Man in sombrero. She's beautiful, but her chili...Word: hatchet

(Within an hour, “I sh*t” on myself).

Man in sombrero. Each birthday...Word: Cheesehead

(Each time “she said” no).

Woman screaming. Word: water

(I don’t know “what her” issue is).

We hope that you are enjoying these outrageously ridiculous Mexican Word of The Day memes. For those having difficulty, no worries just ask your nearest Hispanic friend (or yard worker extraordinaire) for help. It’s NACHO problem that your parents were first cousins. Keep scrolling for more “Mexican Word of the Day” memes or read our top Mexican Jokes and Mexican Memes.

Trump holding Macron's hand. Word: juana

(I “wanna” hold your hand).

Man in sombrero. My lazy girlfriend...Word: bishop

(I always pick the “b*tch up.”)

Someone about to step on poop. Word: wash

(If you don’t “watch” your stop)

Man in sombrero and sunglasses pointing with both hands. Word: july

(I am sure “you lie”).

Man in sombrero. I had to close my laundromat...Word: iron

(“I earn” less money than expected.)

Drunk lady giving finger. Word: cheetah

(“She’s the” one for me!)

Messy kitchen. Word: Jamaican

(“You make” a mess of things!)

Man in sombrero. What kept the Mexican... Word: Hispanic

(“His panic” attacks)

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