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The (mostly) Simple Life

Practical Ways to Simplify & Improve Your Life

Are you feeling like you are just getting by and not living your life on purpose? We can help you simplify your life to let what matters the most take center stage.

Mind & Happiness

two women hugging

10 Helpful Tips to Let Go of Your Past (By a Psychotherapist)

When people have difficulty letting go of events or relationships from their past, it is often due to unresolved conflict ...
woman drinking a cup of coffee

Morning Routine Checklist to Kickstart a GREAT Day!

I have worked at creating a good morning routine checklist because let's face it, it takes so much effort to ...
Simple life quotes header

110 Simple Life Quotes to Inspire You to a Simple & Happy Life

Wading through life can sometimes feel like a Herculean effort. Nobody knows the secret to success, especially when it concerns ...
header things to be grateful for

Top 40 Things To Be Grateful For In 2021

I’ve tried to make use of the time we have had during the quarantine to start learning new skills. One ...
header for best hobbies for women

75+ Best Hobbies for Women in 2021

Here are some of my favorite hobbies and activities that never fail make me happy no matter what mood I'm ...
header on active lifestyle

11 Tips for Living a More Active Lifestyle

Update: This is a repost of one of my very first blog posts from 2016. The advice in this post ...

Saving Money

Spend your money on purpose. Take control of your finances by creating your personal budget and learning new ways to cut expenses and save more money.

How to Live on $2500 Per Month in 2024

For years, Austin and I lived on less than $1500 per month. My blog post showing our average monthly budget at ...
making birthdays special when you are broke

How to Make Birthdays Special When You’re Broke (50 Cheap Birthday Ideas)

Birthdays are kind of a big deal at our house. Austin’s birthday was a few weeks ago and it basically ...

How to Get Married for $1000

Austin and I dated for 2 month, were engaged for 2 months, got married for $1000, and are coming up ...
13 Ways To Not Spend Money

13 Ways To Not Spend Money

If you've ever spent more than you should have, gone over your budget, or regretted a purchase, this one's for ...

Saving Money on Groceries

10 tips to eat healthy on a budget

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Top 10 Tips To Save The Most Money

There is a misconception that eating healthy is more expensive. It's generally true but there are plenty of ways to ...
Budget Grocery List: $50 a Week for Two Adults

Budget Grocery List: $50 a Week for Two Adults

Is it possible for two adults to eat for $50 per week? Yes, if you have a budget grocery list ...

Organizing Your Home & Decluttering

Declutter your home with intention. Clutter is not just the stuff that is in your closets and on the floor. It’s what stands between you and a happy, simple life.

how many shirts

How Many Shirts Should I Own?

Ever since I gave up my 9 to 5 job and chose a freelancer career, I’ve been trying to create ...
image showing decluttered garage before and after

5 Tips to Declutter Your Garage Quickly (Real-Life Example)

Are you fed up with the mess and clutter in your garage? You are not the only one, most people ...
closet with hangers and clothes

Declutter Your Clothes (For a Wardobe that Makes You Feel & Look Good)

I bet that you have just the right amount of clothes in your closet, right? right?? hmmmm. If you're like ...
header wash bed sheets

Wash Your Bed Sheets Every 1 to 3 Weeks (Take the Quiz!)

Many people want to find out how often they should wash their bed sheets because washing bed sheets is time ...
How Many Clothes Should I Have?

How Many Clothes Should I Have?

How many clothes do I need? It’s a super common question: How many “xyz” should I have? Jeans.Pajamas.Shoes.Shirts.Dresses.Tops.Underwear, etc. I ...
where to start when drowning in clutter

Declutter Your Home: Where to Start When You’re Drowning in Clutter

Have things gotten out of hand, and you know it's time to declutter your home? You've been so crazy busy ...

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Setting Goals For a Successful Life

Life is not just about the short-term pressure of saving money, paying the bills, and keeping your home simple and organized. It’s also about living a live on purpose. Thinking about and defining the right short-term, mid-term and long-term goals will set you on a path to success.

header for new month new goals

New Month, New Goals: 5 Easy Ideas for a Fantastic Month

Flipping the calendar always reminds us that the beginning of a new month is the opportunity for other new beginnings, ...
header long-term goals

101+ Long-Term Goals For a Successful Career & Life

Most people setting goals think about what they can accomplish in the next few weeks. But big, important goals can ...
two women creating goals

60+ Mid-Term Goals to Give Your Life a New Direction

In my earlier posts, I have outlined why it is important to set short-term goals, mid-term goals, and long-term goals ...
great goals to set

51 Great Goals to Set to Change Your Life

  It's almost that time again. Time to start thinking about what goals you want to set for next year ...


Dating in seattle: a couple in gasworks park admires the seattle skyline together

Seattle’s Top 50 Date Ideas (By 2 Locals)

The sun is finally here and love is in the air! We may be known for our coffee and the ...
woman scratching right palm hand

Left Hand Itching Means Something Is Coming Your Way: Interesting Facts About this Superstition

According to, “Superstitions can be defined as beliefs or practices that allow people to explain events that otherwise seem ...

A few jokes to add humor to your day

dad laughing

110 Best Dirty Dad Jokes Even Your Father Won’t Tell

Dirty Dad Jokes... They can certainly be funnier than your traditional sense of humor, and funnier than simple dad jokes ...
polish woman with poland colors

45 Best Polish Jokes and Memes [2023 Update]

In Junior high school, I had a teeshirt that read "I'm a proud Polack, (x'd out) Puluck, pallock, pololack, (all ...
cartoon of laughing chicken

100 Best Chicken Jokes That Will Make You Laugh

We have browsed the web to find the 100 best Chicken jokes and memes, and created our own chicken jokes ...
we love mexico banner

130 Funniest Mexican Jokes & Memes [All-Time Leaderboard]

There’s a saying in the comedy world: either everything can be funny, or nothing can be funny. We hope this ...

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