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50 Best Food Jokes For Children to Share with the Family

3 children laughing on a couch, with bowl of popcorn

Children love food, and love a good joke, so it makes sense that they enjoy good food jokes. These jokes make it easy to get a laugh at the diner table at night, after a long school day. We have prepared for your 50 great food jokes to share with your children. Even better, we asked our own children to rate these jokes – to make sure they were indeed good for kids. Let’s get started:

Why did the Doctor prescribe when the lemon was not feeling well? Lemon aid

What is the day that potatoes fear the most? Fry-day

Why was the hot dog wearing a coat? It was a chilly dog

piece of cake child joke

What did the salad farm say to their customers? If there is anything we can do; please lettuce know

How much did the snake weigh after eating a lot of pies? A pie-thon

Why did the ‘teddy bear’ say when they offered him dessert? No thanks, I’m stuffed.

what has ears but doesn't hear anything joke

What do computers like to eat? Chips, byte by byte.

Why is the tomato all red? He accidentally saw the salad dressing.

What did the cat say when he saw a mouse riding a bike? Look, meals on wheels

Why did the strawberry’s parents take so long to get home? They were in a jam.

Teddy Bear

Why did the ghost choke on his food? He was goblin it

Why was the butcher working so hard? To make ends meat
(to “make ends meet” means “to pay for things you need to live when you don’t have a lot of money.”)

What kind of soda do trees love to drink? Root Beer

What is brown, hairy, and wearing sunglasses? A cool kiwi

If you get shoes from alligators, what do you get from bananas? Slippers

What is orange and sounds almost like a parrot? A carrot

What did the skeleton get at a barbecue? Spare ribs

What did the walnut tell the pecan? We get along well because we are both nuts.

Spare Ribs

When you advance at red but stop at green? When eating a watermelon

Why the banana went to the hospital? He was not peeling so well

They hit me with a soda can in the head. Lucky for me, it was a soft drink.

Why did the artichoke? Somebody was strangling it.


What school subject has the most fruits? History, it has a lot of dates.

Why did the cantaloupe jump into the river? He wanted to be a watermelon

What did the gingerbread man use when he was cold? A cookie sheet

Gingerbread Man

Why are jokes dangerous for eggs? They crack up

What fruit do vampires like the most? Neck tarines

Why do chicken are bad at baseball? They just hit fowl balls

Chicken Hit fowl

What do pretzels dance? The twist

Which vegetable is on America’s most-wanted list? The Esca Pea

How do the hamburger introduce its daughter? Meat Patty

What did the frog who wanted to lose weight drinks? Diet Croak

Diet Croack

I asked a cucumber: “how did you become a pickle? He answered: “I had a jarring experience.”

Why did the Ice Cream was taken to the mental hospital? He had a meltdown

Why did she fall in love with the banana? She found it a peeling

I wanted to compose a song about a tortilla, but it came out as a wrap

Meals on Wheels

Somebody crossed the chef, and he cooked with angrydients

A potato got a sunburn in Paris? That was a French fry

What would you like to put in a pie? Your mouth


What do allergic nuts sound like? Cashew

Why was the hamburger telling all those funny jokes? It was in a roll

What bird is always eating? Swallow


What vegetable do elephants step on? Squash

Where was ground beef’s prom? At the Meat Ball

What do you call a bear that has no teeth? A gummy bear

What does the tomato doctor use to treat broken tomatoes? Tomato paste.

Tomato Paste

What did the salad sisters say when knocking at the door? Lettuce in

What is Batman’s favorite breakfast? The Crepped Crusader

What is a polar bear’s favorite fast-food restaurant? Iceberg Erking

Why don’t you like pizza jokes? They’re too cheesy.

Why is movie theater candy so expensive? Because the raisinet

Banana Slippers

I thought that onions were the only food that made me cry – until someone threw a coconut at my face.

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