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25 Best Memes About Donald Trump [April 2023 Update]

drawing of donald trump with his finger up

It’s been a few years since the Trump memes have trickled in, but we cannot forget the legacy of #45. Let’s have a look at the funniest Donald Trump jokes & Donald Trump memes – with a few just added in February 2023

The Best Trump Memes

donald trump meme about corn

You might love him.

You might hate him.

Heck, you might not even know how to feel about him.

The fact of the matter remains that the man has made an impact upon our culture forever, be it positive or negative. The following memes capture the many sides of Donald J. Trump and will, without a doubt, bring a smile to your face.

trump indicted for cheating meme
trump meme about miranda rights and staying silent
meme about letter J in trump that stands for jail
trump meme comparing clothing; suit that doesn't fit; queen of England

Sometimes, people’s criticism of his intelligence is pretty warranted, such as when he looked directly into a solar eclipse, despite having the appropriate eyewear to protect his vision:

donald trump meme about solar eclipse

His basic understanding of government ins and outs also are a little suspicious:

donald trump meme with boy mowing lawn; impeachment

Frankly, we cannot excuse the fact that some of our interactions with him via the media have left us scratching our heads, particularly with his navigation of the COVID-19 pandemic.

trump meme with fauci glaring
trump meme about injecting bleach to prevent covid
donald trump meme about the covid vaccine

Beyond this, clearly, the man has had quite an indelible mark upon us with the situations surrounding his presidency.

donald trump meme with scroll; tax evasion
donald trump meme driving truck; losing 2020 election
trump meme in truck, pointing at people
trump meme home alone 2 classified documents
trump meme schitt's creek moira clinging to wigs, mar-a-lago raid

Many people hate Trump — some of these folks often compare him to a Cheeto, due to his fake tan.

donald trump meme with cheeto voodoo

When asked why they dislike him (fake tan aside), many would argue it has to do with how he — when appearing in public — comes across as completely ignorant or unintelligible.

Some might argue that The Wizard of Oz could help Trump out by giving him a brain (in The Wizard of Oz, the “mindless” Scarecrow teams up with Dorothy hoping that The Wizard will give him a brain):

trump meme wizard of oz brain

Some might argue that he doesn’t have very good control of the vitriol that escapes his mouth; since his mouth is often compared to “a tiny bvtthole,” it could even be said that his mouth could utilize a thorough deep wash, aka an enema:

donald trump meme drinking water; mouth enema
donald trump meme uncle sam pointing

His sensitivity, certainly, did not and does not help in how people view him.

executive order donald trump meme "stop being mean to me"

It was also just a bit too easy to take his interactions with others and turn them into memes based upon what we know of him.

trump meme having aliens build a wall around earth
trump meme with trump falling and blaming biden

His severe expression, often, resulted in a few of these blunders…

trump meme with interview -- go out with me confusion
trump meme with IT reference, floating

Other times, his history of saying pretty ridiculous things resulted in some unsavory memes, especially when the right photo was taken at the right time.

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donald trump meme about dating ivanka
donald trump meme with justin trudeau

The fact of the matter is that the man practically writes his own memes about himself, and we cannot get enough of it!

donald trump winking, j stands for jenius

The Best Donal Trump Jokes

Some of the best jokes are just plain old text jokes. We have gathered for you the 100 most hilarious Trump Jokes. Here is an example:

Trump & Obama
During the 2016 presidential transition, Obama gives a tour of the White House to Donald Trump. He shares with him “There is an exceptional butler to serve you. At the end of the day, to help me unwind, he always brought me a little glass of Jack Daniels on the rocks”. Donald Trump, condescending, says “Jack Daniels? that’s cheap. If I drink that and Melania can smell it, she will think I’ve been to the wh*rehouse.” Puzzled, Obama thinks for a second, and respond “Hmm… I guess Michelle has never been to a wh*rehouse and wouldn’t know what it smells like.”

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