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The 100 Best Indian Jokes & Memes

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Here are some of the highest-rated Indian jokes and memes that you might find hilarious. These jokes cover a variety of topics and could boost your mood if you’re looking for some Indian humor. Take a look at our fun list of jokes and memes!

What can you call an Indian airplane that comes back? A Boomerang

Why are there no good Indian actors? Because all the good ones are phone scammers.

What can you call an Indian electrical worker? Ashok

Why can’t Indians play soccer? Because every time they take a corner, they open a shop.

What do you call an Indian gravedigger? Dig deep.

What do Indian hip-hop artists eat? Rice Rice baby.

What did the Indian child say to his mother when he departed for school? Mumbai!

Why do Indians have a red dot on their head? Because they are recording.

What could you call a couple of Indians on a dating website? Connect the dots.

What do you call a lost Indian woman? Miss Singh.

What does Pakistan love to do with India when they go to war? Surrender their troops.

How does an Indian open his car? He can’t because he can’t afford one.

What did the cow tell an Indian? Moo!

Why are Deepika Amar’s jokes so shit? Because he is a smelly cunt.

Why does India have such a large population? Because they never stop spawning.

What country did the Indians invent? Curry-a.

What did the cow tell an Indian? The cow said Moo!

What do you call a cringy Indian man? A Cringian.

Who puts a wheel on their national flag… oh wait… India did.

How do you blow up an Indian person? You press the red button.

Why did the Indian cross the road? To run away from the Pakistani.

What is the most endangered creature in India? The baby girl

Why do Indians despise snow? Because it is white and all over their land.

What do u call a pretty Indian girl? Bomb bae.

Why do Indians gamble so much? So they can reclaim their land.

Why do Indian men marry fat women? Because they worship cows.

What did the Indian say to the slow runner? Curry up!

What do Indians call their father when they are born? Data.

When you’re in India and you start hearing high-pitched beeps, you run away fast.

What did the Indian say to the cow? I love you, moo than anything

Why do Indians like basketball? Because of Steph Curry.

What do you call an Indian person not starving of hunger? A surprise.

Let’s not make any more Indian jokes. All yoour jokes are trash. Please stop.

What do you call an Indian lesbian? Mingeeta.

Why do Indian people have bad tempers? Because when they were growing their parents told them they couldn’t have a cow so they threw a tantrum instead.

I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said ‘at least it’s not India’.

How do you make an Indian explode? You press the red dot.

Two Indians went to a special restaurant. They ordered parathas with curry.

Why did John eat curry? I don’t know. Ask John.

What do u call Kyson when he is banned on PS4? A depressed Indian boy.

How much curry can an Indian eat? Until his red dot explodes.

Why did the Indian cross the road? To get to the curry shop.

Why are Indians dark? Because they are born and bred in chicken curry.

What could you call an Indian gymnast? Balance Singh.

What is an Indian entertainer called? Dan Singh.

How can Indians keep their milk fresh? Don’t milk the cow. Leave it in the cow!

What do you call an Indian man in a sports car? Someone in a ‘curry hurry’.

When is the best time to hang out with an Indian? When your nose is stuffy so you avoid the smell.

What do you call an Indian going through the trash can? RUMAJINGG

If an Indian was a machine, what would you call it? The Curry Muncher 2000.

How much curry can an Indian eat? Wait…. Don’t answer that.

Did you hear about the gay Indian who died? He was one brave sucker.

What OS does an Indian scammer use? Window Licker XP.

What’s the most common job in India? Becoming a scammer.

What do you call Indian flowers? Patels.

What do you call bread from India? It’s Naan of your business.

How many Indians does it take to fix a lightbulb? Too many.

What do you call an Indian man who can’t stop looking around? Glansingh.

What did the half-eaten Naan say? “I wish I was puri.”

What do you call a dinosaur that eats curry? Mega-Sore-Arse.

The Indian bet all of his money and lost. He only lost $1 dollar.

Who did the Indian call when he got a virus on his computer? He called his boss.

What’s the second most common currency in India? Microsoft Gift Cards.

I asked my North Korean friend how it was there, he said he couldn’t complain.

How can you tell the difference between an Indian and an African elephant? One is an elephant.

My wife left me for an Indian guy. I know he’s going to treat her well, I heard they worship cows.

My wife said she could smell an Indian flatbread from a mile away. I said it was NAAN scents.

How do Indians get paid? Apple Gift Cards.

What was the Indian for Halloween? An IRS agent.

How fast is the curry going? In a hurry to the curry man.
Paki Curry is shit. Simple as that.

What do you call an uneducated male Indian? Anshu-man.

Why do Indian men prefer fat girls? Because they worship cows.

Why do Indians marry cows, because they bathe in milk.

What did the Indian person say to the slow lady? Curry up.

Why do Indians love New York? Because there is a Delhi on every street.

What could you call an Indian gymnast? Balance Singh.

What can you give to an Indian to put them in a good mood? Gift Cards and Curry.

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