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The 50 Funniest Ohio Jokes & Memes You Will Ever Find

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Columbus, Ohio, USA skyline on the Scioto River.

The state of Ohio is known for Columbus, the Wright Brothers, the Buckeyes, and Neil Armstrong… And now for these thirty-three hilarious jokes and memes too!

Ohio fun facts & history…

In the 19th century, Ohio and Michigan fought a bitter war over the city of Toledo… Michigan won and Ohio had to keep it.

ohio blonde joke

Not many people know that 24 astronauts and the Wright Brothers were born in Ohio… You’ve got to wonder what it is about that awful place that makes people want to leave the Earth…

Ohio’s name even lends itself to jokes…

ohio puns joke

What’s round at the start, round at the end, and high in the middle? Ohio.

Which U.S. state is the most awkward? ‘O…Hi!…o…’

Which state always sounds surprised to see you? Ohio.

What did the two Os say when they ran into each other? ‘Ohio.’

how to greet a friend called 0

Ohio loves its collegiate and pro football…

Tornado warnings are in force in Cleveland, Ohio. Residents are advised to take shelter at the Cleveland Browns Stadium where there is minimal chance of a touchdown.

ohio state graduate joke
by u/YourShoeIsUntied

What do most Ohio State University students get on their SAT paper? Drool.

Why can’t Columbus Ohio have a professional football team?
Because it would make Cleveland and Cincinnati want one too.

Meanwhile… Delivery men in Ohio

This short video received over 250,000 likes…:

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More Ohio Jokes

columbus football team meme

Why do the Ohio State Buckeyes eat their cereal right out of the box?
Because they choke if they get near to a bowl.

Why is Ohio State so good at football?
Because Urban Meyer showed them how to beat everybody.

Ohio also has some interesting local geography…

seeing two girls from ohio

A group of college students conducted a scientific study about trees in Ohio. Their study showed that the trees all leaned to the west. They think it’s because Michigan sucks and Pennsylvania blows.

Me and my family went to a parade in rural Ohio last week. We saw a lot of Amish folk.
But not one of them was completely Am.

Which Ohio city has the finest bakery? Toledough.

Japanese tourists love visiting Ohio… They’re amazed that it’s always morning there.

japanese tourists visiting ohio joke

A redneck was fishing on the Ohio side of the river and an old hillbilly was fishing on the Kentucky side. The redneck was catching a nice haul but the hillbilly was having no luck.
The hillbilly hollered over the water and asked how the redneck was catching so many fish. The redneck shouted back and told the hillbilly that he needed to be on the opposite side of the river. “But there’s no bridge!” the hillbilly shouted back, annoyed.
The redneck replied, “I’ll turn on my flashlight and you can walk across the light beam!” The hillbilly pondered this for a minute and said “yeah right! I’ll get halfway across and then you’ll just turn off your light!”

What separates hillbillies from assholes? The Ohio River.

Ohio River joke

Hey, have you heard about those two new fault lines they found in Ohio?
No? Well, I guess they are still pretty underground.

Where do most of the top urologists in the U.S. come from?
Yellow Springs, Ohio

joke about OH and OK

After summer vacation, the teacher asked Little Johnny about his family’s trip. “We went to visit my grandma in Minneapolis, Minnesota.”
The teacher asked, “Wonderful, and can you tell the class how to spell Minneapolis and Minnesota?”
Little Johnny thought for a few moments and then said, “Actually, we just went to Ohio.”

Have you heard of The Ohio and Michigan Institute of Lions, Tigers and Bears?… Also known as OH, MI…

There’s a nice little town in Ohio called Engagement. It’s right between Dayton and Marion.

engagement in ohio (joke)

Ohio gets Political sometimes too…

Next week, Ohio is simultaneously hosting the Republican National Convention and the yearly Insane Clown Posse Gathering of the Juggalos… One is a horde of terrifying, ignorant clowns and the other is a music festival.

I couldn’t believe some of the ridiculous things Trump said during the debate last night. Politicians will say anything to win a vote.
What did he say?
He said, “Ohio is a tremendous place.”

Stormy Daniels was arrested after violating an Ohio state law that forbids “anyone who isn’t a family member from touching a nude dancer.” Well I, for one, am proud to live in a country where a son can still touch his mother while she gives him a lap dance.

And lastly, a little less SFW…

What would you call a carpet cleaning business based in Ohio? Cleveland Steamers.

Why could baby Jesus never have been born in Ohio? They could never find any wise men or a virgin.

Three giants are jawing about whose father was the tallest. The first giant says: “My pa’ was so big, when he would start stomping, his left boot was in Ohio and his right was in Iowa.”
The second giant says: “That’s nothing. When my old man woke in the morning and stretched his arms, he’d have a whole planet in each of his hands.”
The third giant asks: “Those planets were warm, right?” Yeah”, the second giant replies, “How do you know?”
“Because those were my daddy’s balls.”

Ohio will soon start selling medicinal marijuana. It was always ‘high’ in the middle anyway.

ohio always high in the middle

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Finally, one last funny joke…
A driver gets pulled over by a police officer in Ohio. Irritated, he reaches for his license, registration and insurance as the officer strolls toward the vehicle. The driver then goes to take out his wallet and suddenly realizes his seatbelt isn’t on. He glances in his rearview mirror before quickly fastening his seatbelt and produces his wallet just as the officer says, “license, registration and insurance please.” The driver hands them over to the officer and waits nervously. After reviewing everything the officer returns and says, “The reason I pulled you over is that you were speeding, however, I’m going to give you an additional fine for not wearing your seatbelt.” “Ok, I guess I was speeding” the man replies, “but clearly my seatbelt is on so you can’t fine me for that.” The two debate for a while before the officer eventually stops the driver and addresses the woman sitting quietly in the passenger seat. He says “You look like an honest person, ma’am, so you tell me if he had his seatbelt on or not,” to which she replied, “Sorry officer; I won’t argue with him when he’s drunk and I don’t think you should either.”

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