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The 150 Funniest Riddles to Share with Friends

We have gathered funny riddles of every kind from across the internet here for you to enjoy at your leisure or share with friends, family, and colleagues! Just about anyone will find funny riddles below that intrigue and puzzle them, all in the name of good ol’ fashioned brain-teasing fun!

Before We Start… What’s a Funny Riddle?

A funny riddle is a question that will require a person to really think about a question before finding out the answers… with the answers being surprising, witty or even shocking! With most funny riddles, people have to think through original answers before finding the right response. Most of the time, they won’t – and will chuckle at the answers… or at least get a big ah-ha moment! So let’s get started with “What is it?” funny (and challenging) riddles.

‘What is it?’ Funny Riddles

piano keys riddle

What has lots of keys but cannot open any locks?
Answer: A piano.

What can you easily hold in your left hand but never hold in your right hand?
Answer: Your right elbow.

catch cold riddle

You can catch it, but you can’t throw it. What is it?
Answer: A cold.

What has lots of holes but can still hold water?
Answer: A sponge.

13 hearts riddle

What has 13 hearts but no lungs?
Answer: A pack of playing cards.

It has lakes but no water, cities but no buildings, and mountains but no rocks. What is it?
Answer: A map.

mushroom pun riddle

What sort of room has no walls, doors or windows?
Answer: A mushroom.

What can be on the ground and still a hundred feet in the air?
Answer: A centipede on its back.

computer freeze riddle

What can freeze even after it has been warmed up?
Answer: A computer.

To use it properly, you have to throw it away. When you’re finished using it, you bring it in. What is it?Answer: An anchor.

rubber band music riddle

What sort of band doesn’t play music?
Answer: A rubber band.

If you give this to a man with no hair and he’ll never part with it. What is it?
Answer: A comb.

tongue tastes riddle

What tastes a lot better than it smells?
Answer: A Tongue.

The person who made it does not want it. The person who bought it does not need it. The person who needs it does not know it. What is it?
Answer: A coffin.

What doesn’t have feet but always sleeps with its shoes on?
Answer: A horse.

How can this be… Funny Riddles

Some of the funniest riddles are “How can this be?” riddles. Check our this selection of riddles worth sharing with friends:

A pet store owner has a parrot for sale. The sign on the parrot’s cage reads “Parrot repeats everything it hears.” Shawn buys the parrot and tries speaking to it for an entire fortnight, but the parrot never utters a word. He tries to return the parrot to the store, but the shopkeeper insists that the sign was accurate. How can this be?
Answer: The parrot is deaf.

A master magician claims that he will throw a ball with all his might and still have the ball stop, change direction, and return to him. He says that he will do this without bouncing the ball bouncing off any surface; without tying the ball to anything; and without using any magnets. How does he do it?
Answer: He throws the ball straight up in the air.

Two fathers and two sons go fishing one day. Despite being there all day, they only managed to catch three fish. One of the fathers said “Nice! That’s enough for all of us to have a fish each.” How can this be possible?
Answer: They are a father, his son and his son’s son.

3 men are fishing in their boat when a sudden monster wave sends them all overboard and into the water. Only 1 man got his hair wet. How?
Answer: The other 2 were bald.

A man is cleaning windows on the 26th floor of a luxury apartment block. All of a sudden, he slips and falls. There is nothing to cushion his fall, and he is without safety equipment — but he is unhurt. How?
Answer: He’s cleaning windows inside the building.

A boy calls to his dog from the opposite side of a river. The dog crosses the river without getting wet, and doesn’t use a boat or bridge. How?
Answer: The river is frozen.

Two girls are born within minutes of each other, on the same day, and by the same mother, but they are not twins. How can this be?
Answer: They are triplets.

A man is driving his truck. His headlights are off and the moon isn’t shining. In front of him, a woman, dressed entirely in black, begins crossing the road. Fortunately, the man brakes so that the woman can safely cross. How did he see her in time?
Answer: It’s the middle of the day.

Eight colleagues step outside and try to fit under one small umbrella. None of them get wet. How do they do it?
Answer: It isn’t raining.

A woman is pushing her little car along, when she arrives at a hotel and shouts, “I’m bankrupt!” Why?
Answer: She’s playing Monopoly.

When is a door not a door?
Answer: When it is ajar.

A horse is attached to a 20-foot chain and sees a delicious apple 22 feet away. How can the horse get to the apple?
Answer: The chain isn’t attached to anything, so the horse can just walk to the apple, dragging the chain with it.

A woman rode into town on Friday and left two days later on Friday. How?
Answer: Her horse is called Friday.

A young woman is currently a learner driver. She goes the wrong way down a one-way street and passes a police officer. The officer sees her but does not stop her. Why?
Answer: The young woman was walking.

A girl fell from a 30-foot ladder but was completely unhurt. How can this be?
Answer: She only fell from the bottom step.

You see a boat full of people, but there isn’t one single person on board. How can that be?
Answer: Everyone on the boat is married.

There are 10 children and a fruit bowl containing 10 apples. How would you share out the apples so that every child gets an apple but one still remains in the bowl?
Answer: Give 9 children an apple each and give the tenth child the bowl holding the last apple.

“What am I?” Fun Riddles

barber shave riddle

I shave every single day, but my beard remains the same. What am I?
Answer: A barber.

My life is measured in hours and I do my job by expiring. The thinner I am, the faster I go. The bigger I am, the slower I go. What am I?
Answer: A candle.

I weigh nothing, but I am clearly visible. If you put some of me in a bucket, I make the bucket lighter. What am I?
Answer: A hole.

I often emerge silently, but can also be very loud. I am invisible, but you know when I’m there. After a while, I leave without a trace. I am harmless, but still broadly unpopular. What am I?
Answer: A fart.

I’m the same size as an elephant, but I am completely weightless. What am I?
Answer: An elephant’s shadow.

I appear in December, but not in any other month. What am I?
Answer: The letter D!

darkness see less riddle

When there is more of me, you see less. What am I?
Answer: Darkness.

I run through towns, cities and fields, but I never move. What am I?
Answer: A road.

I make a lot of noise when cooking. When I cook, I get larger but weigh less. What am I?
Answer: Popcorn.

I have a head and tail but no body. What am I?
Answer: A coin.

I spend nearly all of my time on the ground, but I never get dirty. What am I?
Answer: A Shadow.

I’m heavy going forwards, but backward I am not. What am I?
Answer: Ton

I have no head, but I have a neck and I wear a cap. What am I?
Answer: A bottle.

stamp corner riddle

I travel across the globe, but I always remain in one corner. What am I?
Answer: A stamp.

Riddle me this, spell me that

What begins with a P, ends with an E, and contains lots of letters?
Answer: A Post Office.

What begins with T, ends with T and is filled with T?
Answer: A teapot.

I’m an odd number, but when you remove one of the letters in my name, I become even. Which number am I?
Answer: Seven. (Take away the S)

What has three letters and starts with g-a-s?
Answer: Car.

Which four-letter word can be spelled forwards, backwards and upside down, and still be read from left to right?
Answer: “NOON”.

Which five-letter word has one left when two are removed?
Answer: Stone (remove “s” and “t”)

This word begins with the letter I. If you add the letter A to it, it makes a new word with a different meaning that is pronounced exactly the same. Which word is it?
Answer: Isle

Which question can you only ever answer with a “no”?
Answer: ‘What does “N-O” spell?’

Why is the letter T like an island?
Answer: They’re both in the middle of water.

This five-letter word can be pronounced the same, even after it has four of its letters removed.
Answer: Queue.

Which word becomes shorter when you add two letters to it?
Answer: “Short” (add +”er”).

What begins with an “e,” ends with an “e,” and contains one letter?
Answer: An envelope.

What is the next letter in this sequence: J F M A M J J A S O N ?
Answer: D. The sequence is the first letter of every month of the year, in order.

Trick Questions / Funny Riddles

If you have five apples on a table and take two of them away, how many apples do you have now? Answer: Two, of course.

Which month of the year has 28 days?
Answer: They all do.

When life gets really tough, what do you have that you can always count on?
Answer: Your fingers.

A red-house is made with red bricks, has a red roof, and a red front door, and a yellow-house is made with yellow bricks, has a yellow roof, and a yellow front door, so what is a green-house made of?
Answer: Glass.

There’s a famous one-story house that is entirely pink inside; it has pink doors, pink floors, pink walls, a pink roof, pink ceilings, pink windows, pink curtains, pink chairs, and pink tables. What color are the stairs?
Answer: There are no stairs — it’s a one-story house.

Which would be heavier: a ton of leaves or a ton of bricks?
Answer: Neither — they both weigh one ton.

How many cats can you place into an empty box?
Answer: One cat. After that, the box will no longer be empty.

A farmer has twenty sheep, ten cows and ten pigs. If we call the sheep pigs, how many pigs will he have?
Answer: Ten pigs. Calling the sheep pigs will not make them pigs!

Bill is six feet tall, works at the local butcher’s, and has size ten feet. What does he weigh?
Answer: Meat.

Johnny’s mother had three kids. The first was named May, the second was named June. What was the third kid’s name?
Answer: Johnny.

Mt. Everest riddle

Before the discovery of Mt. Everest, which was the world’s tallest mountain?
Answer: Mt. Everest.

How much dirt is in a hole measuring three feet by four feet by five feet?
​Answer: It’s a hole, so there’s no dirt in it.

What is the only word that is spelled incorrectly in the dictionary?
Answer: Incorrectly

Why can’t someone living in Michigan be buried in Massachusetts?
Answer: Because they’re still alive.

You’re competing in a race and you overtake the person in second place. Which place are you in now?
Answer: Second place.

If Mr. Red lives in the Red House, Mr. Green lives in the Green House, and Mr. Brown lives in the Brown House, Who lives in the White House?
Answer: The president.

Two coins make 30 cents, but one of them isn’t a nickel. What coins are they?
A nickel and a quarter. The quarter isn’t a nickel.

Two’s company and three’s a crowd, so what is four and five?
Answer: Nine.

What has four letters, sometimes has nine letters, always has six letters, and never has five.
Answer: This is just a sentence telling us how many letters are in each of these words.​

Rhyming Riddles

It’s the beginning of the end, and the end of time and space. It is vital for creation, and abounds in every place. What is it?
Answer: The letter E.

There’s a word I know, six letters it contains. Take away the last, then only twelve remains. What’s the word?
Answer: Dozens.

I sit and wait with pointed teeth; with piercing force, I crunch through sheets; binding victims with my might; I snare them with a single bite. What am I?
Answer: A stapler.

I’m yellow and not easy to shift. In the morning I come to give you a lift. What am I?
Answer: A school bus.

Step on the living, they’ll never mumble. Step on the fallen, they’ll mutter and grumble. What are they?
Answer: Leaves.

Made from a fruit, bitter at the root, often hot and bold, but sometimes it’s cold. What am I?
Answer: Coffee.

People raise me, make me, save me and change me. What am I?
Answer: Money.

It has a head but no body, and a heart but no blood. It has leaves but no branches, and grows with no wood. What is it?
Answer: Lettuce.

What should you call me? Call me a lot. I have so many wheels, but move, I can not. What am I?
Answer: A parking garage/”lot”.

A man stares at a painting in an art gallery and then says, “Sibling and half-siblings, I have none, but that man’s father is my father’s son.” Who is in the painting?
Answer: The man’s son.

When I’m dropped I will surely crack, but smile at me and I’ll smile right back. What am I?
Answer: A mirror.

It can run, but doesn’t walk, and has a mouth, but doesn’t talk. It has a head, but doesn’t weep, and has a bed, but doesn’t sleep. What is it?
Answer: A river.

Riddles to remember

can't see future riddle

It’s always in front of you, but you cannot see it. What is it?
Answer: The future.

You can only keep it after you have given it. What is it?
Answer: Your word.

What thing is so incredibly fragile that you’ll break it just by speaking its name?
Answer: Silence.

It can be broken, but can’t be touched or even seen. What is it?
Answer: A promise.

It is easy to get into, but difficult to get out of. What is it?
Answer: Trouble.

It is yours, but others use it more often than you do. What is it?
Answer: Your name.

age goes up riddle

What goes up and doesn’t come down?
Answer: Your age.

How many?

A boy has as many sisters as brothers, but each sister has only half as many sisters as they do brothers. How many boys and girls are there in the family?
Answer: Four boys and three girls.

Two doctors claim that Rob is their brother. Rob insists he has no brothers. How many brothers does Rob have?
Answer: None. He has two sisters.

Nadia has five sons, and each of her sons has a sister. How many children does Nadia have in total?
Answer: Six — each son has the same sister.

A man describes his daughters, saying, “They’re all blonde, except two; all brunette except two; and all redheads except two.” How many daughters does the man have?
Answer: Three: A blonde, a brunette and a redhead.

What is it? Part. II

fire dies riddle

If it eats, it grows, but if it drinks, it dies. What is it?
Answer: Fire.

What gets wetter as it dries?
Answer: A towel.

stairs up down riddle

It goes up and down but never moves. What is it?
Answer: A staircase.

What has a bottom at the top?
Answer: Your legs.

footsteps behind riddle

The more of them you take, the more you leave behind you. What are they?
Answer: Footsteps.

It has four fingers and a thumb, but it isn’t a hand. What is it?
Answer: A glove.

sign language unspoken riddle

Which language is the least spoken?
Answer: Sign language

What can’t speak but will always reply when spoken to?
Answer: An echo.

garbage truck flies riddle

What has four huge wheels and flies?
Answer: A garbage truck.

What must be broken before you can use it?
Answer: An egg.

tap runs riddle

What often runs but will never walk?
Answer: A tap.

What type of coat is always wet no matter when you put it on?
Answer: A coat of paint.

And finally, some abstract, ‘Big Brain Stuff’

There’s a house that has four walls, all of which are facing south. A bear circles the house. What color is the bear?
Answer: White. If all the walls of the house are facing south, the house has to be on the North Pole, so the bear must be a polar bear.

Two days ago I was 26, and next year I’ll be 29. When is my birthday? And what date is today?
Answer: December 31; today is January 1.

In what place does today come before yesterday?
Answer: The dictionary.

During which month do people get the least amount of sleep?
Answer: The shortest month; February.

Name three consecutive days without using the words Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.
Answer: Yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Which famous rock group comprises four men, but has no vocalist or guitarist?
Answer: The four Presidents on Mount Rushmore.

What’s the difference between a prison guard and a jeweler?
Answer: One sells watches and the other watches cells.

A prisoner is ordered to enter one of three rooms, but he is allowed to decide which one. The first room is engulfed in flames. The second room is hooked up to an explosive device that will detonate as soon as the door is opened. The third room holds two lions that haven’t eaten in years. Which room should the prisoner enter if he wants to live?
Answer: The third — any lions who had not eaten in years would have starved long ago!

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