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64 Best Chinese Jokes That You Will Ever Read

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We love China but also love a few good Chinese jokes! We have a wide variety of Chinese-themed jokes and memes for you to review right now. Keep in mind that these jokes are meant to be in good fun… always stay respectful.

Best Chinese & Covid Jokes

When the pandemic first started, no one thought Covid would last very long… because it was made in China.

The name of the first person who got covid has just been released. He was Chinese and his name is Ha-Tchu.

What’s the only long-lasting thing from China? Coronavirus.

Funny Jokes with Chinese Names

What do you call a Chinese man with one leg? Tie Won Shu.

What has two wings and a halo? A Chinese telephone. Wing-Wing Halo?

What do you call a Chinese man in the summer heat? Boi Ling.

What do you call a surprised Chinese man? Ho Lee Fuk.

What did the Chinese doctor ask his patient? Sum Ting Wong?

I think I banged a Chinese celebrity… She kept screaming “I’m Wei Tu Yung”.

What do you call a rich Chinese man? Ching Ching.

Best Chinese Jokes Videos

What this video from Ronny Chieng joking about what Chinese people really love:

Jim Gaffigan made the best Chinese jokes. Watch this compilation:

More Funny Chinese Jokes

That one awkward moment you have to go ask your Chinese neighbor if they’ve seen your dog.

Why doesn’t China have a cricket team? Because they eat the bat.

Why did the Chinese man hang up? Because he Wang the Wong phone number.

What is the most common crime in China? Identity fraud.

Why don’t Chinese kids celebrate Christmas? Because they make the toys.

What do you say to a fat Chinese man? “You got more chins than a Chinese phone book”.

Why can’t Chinese people play baseball? Because they eat bats for lunch.

What do you call a Chinese man with a camera? Humiliating.

Chinese kid was born before the due date. The parents named him Sudden Lee.

When Kim Jong-Un said to nuke the Chinese, he meant to put the takeaway in the oven.

What do you call a fat Chinese man? A double chinkey.

Everything is made in China… except for baby girls.

What did the Chinese man say when he fixed the lightbulb? Ching chong.

I’d tell you a Chinese joke but it’s wong.

How do chinese people name there children? They throw pots and pans down the stairs and listen for the sounds, Ching Chong Chang.

When Chinese babies are born they should stamp “Made in China” on them.

What do you call a Chinese boy throwing poo? Yung flung dung.

Why was it wong to throw my Chinese friend down the stairs? Because he said Bang Ding Ow!

What do you call a ruptured Chinese man? One hung lo.

When can’t you have homemade Chinese food? Because you don’t have any pets. Just eat African food, you have plenty of neighbors!

Why was the Chinese laundry joke not funny? It had no irony.

What does a Chinese guy say to his lover? “You’re the ying to my yang”!

What do Chinese parents hate the most? A newborn daughter…

What do you call a Chinese car thief? Tommy Tookamota.

Did you hear about the new Chinese food? It is called: “Wuhan Fried Bats”!

How do Chinese Cowboys greet each other? They say, “NiHowdy!

I saw a naked Chinese man in the elevators. Oh my god, it was so “wong” on so many levels!

According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2020 was the Year of the Rat so we’ve been spending the entire year holed up.

Why don’t Chinese kids believe in Santa? Because they are Santa.

How much do 2000 pounds of Chinese noodles weigh? Won Ton.

We stop by the reception desk, but the receptionist informed us “I am wan kin the manager.” So we just left in disgust!

At the restaurants, we complained that the lights were too strong so the manager decided to dim sum.

What did the Chinese company respond when informed about international “copyright” laws?
“Yes, we copy, allright?”

Why do commercial building owners love to lease their space to Chinese restaurants?
Because they are “lo mein” tenants.

5-star chinese flag joke

A Chinese woman had an affair with the Russian President Vladimir Putin… they had a hidden child that was called “Winnie the Poo-tin.”

Did you enjoy these China jokes? We hope so and we hope that you’ll use them around your friends and family in the near future!

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