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World’s 50 Funniest Mexican Memes [Updated Jan. 2023]

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We have already published the world’s 100 funniest Mexican jokes. And we are now bringing you this selection of the bext Mexican memes.

We think this is a great compilation of the world’s best Mexican memes, in line with our “everything can be amusing” motto. And we mean these in good fun. Being Mexican myself, I’m not amused by stereotypes. But the Mexican memes you will find on this page are meant to be hilarious, with a touch of chili, but not disrespectful.

We know that Mexican culture is rich and vibrant. That the Mexican people are hard-working and have a strong sense of community. And we know that Mexican people have the best Tacos. So enjoy our memes and jokes. We kept them short, kept them sweet, and kept them spicy!

“It’s ok to laugh at each other sometimes, as long as after all the ignorant jokes, we actually respect each other.”

To Warm Up, A Few Funny Mexican Memes

Here is our selection of exclusive memes, starting with Netflix:

netflix and chili jokes

Happy Drinko de Mayo! We have you have a Mexcellent celebration.

Cinco de mayo meme

Movies have a lot of stereotypes but Mexican gangsters in movies have even more… here is a starter pack:

mexican gangster starter pack

Juan Memes

The Juan memes are some of the best Mexican jokes. We have a few hilarious ones on this page. For example:

juan in a hundred joke

Did someone call the Mexican 9-1-1?

“It’s ok to laugh at each other sometimes, as long as after all the ignorant jokes, we actually respect each other.”

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Mexican Money Memes

Some of the best memes are related to money, pesos, and … getting paid in tacos.

job did not peso well

And the famous “Show me the money” from Jerry Maguire:

show me the ... pesos
how many tacos?

We all know who the richest man is in the US, but who is the richest Mexican?

jeff pezos meme

Of course, you probably know that Mexico’s national currency is the “Peso” (Pesos in plural form). And do you know why Mexicans sometimes leave their jobs in Mexico? Because they don’t Peso well :0)

Interestingly, the wealthiest person in Mexico is actually Carlos Slim, who made his $62 billion fortune in telecommunications. It’s only a few years ago that Jeff Bezos, Amazon founder and former CEO, become wealthier than his Mexican counterpart. Jeff Pesos might become a real thing: (Credit u/FGamer34).

but it’s not all about the Pesos.

learn mexican and maori books

Funny Immigration Mexican Memes

stealing green cards meme
national sports meme

Mexicans are Honest Hard-Workers, But Let’s Have a Little Fun

ghostbusters mexico meme

And Other Funny Mexican Memes:

taco sad meme

I am something of a Mexican myself:

cat with a sombrero meme

mexican santa meme

The cartels and the Mexican’s police busts are something else compared to the rest of the world. Similar crimes?

mexico drug bust meme

Mexican Wall Memes

We have changed president, but you may remember this tweet (spoiler: fake).

r/memes - Don't need any New Mexicans
Credit: u/ameen__shaikh
Credit: Twitter: @weyoyeyo

Of course, walls and climbing walls have been the subject of many Mexican memes. So guess who was laughing looking at the Capitol insurrection?

meme showing mexican laughing at Americans climbing wall

Memes about Mexican Women

Women in Mexico are known to easily become pregnant:

and wifes to be a bit nosy:

latina wife meme

by latina women age very well – at least if you consider that Jennifer Lopez is 53 (well, Lopez is of Puerto Rican descent and was the highest paid Hispanic Hollywood actress. Not bad for a singer):

lopez at a show

Mexican Food Memes

Mexico is well known for its food: nachos, tacos, burritos. Here are the funniest memes about Mexican food.

angry woman with spicy mexican food meme

Here’s a Taco Bell meme. More on Taco Bell soon…

nachos meme
doctor suggests trying juicing to a mexican
avocado joke

Tacos are delicious but you might get a little overweight when eating too many:

boy or girl? ... tacos

Ok, one more and we are done with the food memes. This is REAL underwear that you can find on Amazon!

Mexican Entertainment Memes

Star Wars characters are quite popular in Mexico:


50 cents in Mexico?

Other Funny Mexican Memes & Social Jokes

Twitter: @Pedro_Paramx shared a receipt with “Trump wall donation” of $10 added to the bill!

Taco Bell Food Memes

We promised more Mexican memes on Taco Bell. Enjoy:

Cheezburger Image 9614347776

The Funniest Mexican Jokes Videos

If you have enjoyed our selection of Mexican memes and jokes, you will enjoy these videos even more:

Diego gets mugged

Diego gets mugged by a prejudiced thief. but Diego is just as prejudiced:

Comedy Time: That Mexican Look

Asian-American John Wynn, jokes about himself: “You know you have to get into a diet when you eat yourself into a new ethnicity. That is not good. I either look like a fat Asian guy. or a regular Mexican.”

The Mexican Gift Basket (Gabriel Iglesias)

Gabriel Iglesias shares his experience in Mobile, Alabama, where someone in his audience gave him… a gift basket.

A few more funny Mexican memes, starting with our favorite cat:

american on cinco de mayo meme
playing uno in mexico meme
alamo battle meme
mexican meme showing man driving away after selling flour to drug cartel in mexico
giancarlo actor meme about mexicans and central americans
mexican bad guy casting in hollywood movie (meme)

More Mexican Jokes

World’s 100 Funniest Mexican Jokes

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