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60 Funny Dirty Memes [With Exclusives]

We’ve curated a hilarious collection of dirty memes that are not for the faint-hearted or those who are easily offended. Consider this your PG-13 playground where naughtiness meets knee-slapping laughs. You can get started – but you’ve been warned!

Most of these dirty or naughty memes are exclusives to our sites with some written by professional COMEDIANS! We have worked really hard & hope you enjoy them!

Dirty memes that will make you laugh

Text says: Me: A Mature, responsible adult. Then says: Also Me over the Image of a woman smiling a pointing to a sign that says "Entry" with the number 69.
dirty dad joke about sea otters
plug joke with a man among a group of friends
dirty joke about a woman sleeping around
dirty dad joke about cheeseburgers
dinosaur name joke
joke about dad watching a video with a woman and a dog
proctologist exam dirty joke
joke about barbie not getting pregnant
dirty joke about vegan women being good lovers
dirty joke about jesus and the ladies
joke about a woman and drug dealers
annual physical joke
gladiator dirty meme
kinky meme with zootopia characters
joke about questions asked at the end of an interview
dirty joke about a blonde finding a stamp

library joke
dirty joke about secret to a long and happy marriage

dirty golf ball joke about men
funny dirty submarine meme

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Ben Dover.
Ben Dover who?
Ben Dover you, if you'll let me

dirty joke about a storm warning coconut trees
dirty joke about impossible burgers
joke about man counting his partners
funny and naughty meme about women enjoying flower patterns
dad joke about personal trainers
joke about anything you can will be held against you
arguing with a woman without a bra

Dirty dad memes that are hilarious

Dirty dad jokes often rely on double meanings, using ambiguity to create humor. They combine the wholesomeness of the “dad joke” genre with a dirty or risqué twist, surprising the audience and eliciting laughter.

dad joke about flipping your mom over
dad on the fence joke
grandfather addiction meme
dad joke about mariage breaking apart
another dirty joke about a special birthday treat for dad
dirty dad joke about slapping something but the last drop is still for your underwear
wiping around the toilet joke
Text says Why is Santa's sack so full? He only comes once a year. Image is Santa wearing glasses and red cap, winking and putting his finger over his mouth as if to say "Shhhh".
dad meme about son going to college

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Other dirty memes that have gotten viral

subway dirty meme
Image of man in bathtub looking surprised. Text says: John took a bath with bubbles. Bubbles id the girl next door.
girlfriend arresting man joke

Dirty memes to make your partner laugh

Love you so much, I do.
Your brains out tonight, I will fu*k.
It's I-want-you-inside-me o'clock.
Today I will let you do that thing you love for as long as you want.
I'm talking about me btw ;)
I'm always daydreaming about your di*k while I'm at work instead of actually getting any tasks done.
Why do polar bears buy Tupperware bowls?
Because they love a tight seal.
Erasing browser history makes me feel pure again.
Would you please tell your t*ts to stop staring at me?
Why are oysters considered an aphrodisiac?
Because if you'll eat that sh*t, then there's nothing you won't eat.

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