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34 Best Vaccine Jokes in 2022

We are starting 2022 with nearly 40 million American adults who remain unvaccinated. A puzzling fact considering the disease has killed over 800,000 people and the vaccine remains 100% free.

We have found for you the best vaccine jokes on the web today. Enjoy and make sure to share them with your friends!

Quick Vaccine Jokes

Why do anti-vaxxers not lock their bikes?

Because they know someone whose locked bike was still stolen.

It’s always weird to come across an anti-vaxxer nowadays…

…they seem to be a dying breed

Did you know, anti-vaxxers don’t last as long in bed?

…especially if the bed is in a hospital.

A man walks into a brain store to buy a new brain

He says: “hello, I’d like to buy a new brain”.

The employee responds “Of course. Check out our brain selection here. Here’s the brain of a scientist for 5 dollars.. And here’s the brain of an anti-vaxxer, for 10,000 dollars”. The customer, confused, asks: “Why is the brain of an anti-vaxxer more expensive?”

“Because it’s never been used” The employee responds.

An anti-vaxxer did an IQ test.

It came back NEGATIVE

Most-Liked Memes About Vaccines

This is what people staying at home unvaccinated look like:

pfizer and a reluctant cat
Credit: JRTF85

Babies and their parents:

stop you right there
Photo: /u/FruityLups/Reddit

Taking a sharp turn against conventional wisdom:

Photo: /u/wooden03/Reddit
Photo: /u/GroupChatMemes/Reddit

Most-Liked Social Posts with Vaccine Jokes

Straight from the doctor

Dealers are dangerous

Credit Rick_D_K

Scientists messing too much

Using the same logic against you

vaccine joke
vaccine joke

Continuing the logic…

vaccine joke
vaccine joke

Not putting this in my body…

vaccine joke
vaccine joke

They didn’t need the vaccine to make the plague go away

vaccine joke

Some good luck at some point

Credit: u/BPC3

Is this what I think it is?

vaccine twitter

Some people died


It sure looks like someone at Wal-mart has had enough


Making things up?

vaccine joke
Credit: u/beerbellybegone
what can help with measles

tweet about men sniffing powder

There are side effects to the vaccine

Most-Liked Videos of Vaccine Jokes

Enjoy this hand-picked selection of the most-liked videos on YouTube with the best vaccine jokes.

Quick-Watch: Anti-Vaccine Nurse Talking to Her Friend (1-Minute)

Anti-Vaccine Nurse talking to her friend who just came out of a coma after 12 months:

When a Comedian Meets an Anti-Vaxxing Nurse by Accident

Steve Hofstetter accidentally met an anti-vaccine nurse at one of his talks. Watch the improved encounter!

and finally how anti vaxxers sound like to normal people:

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