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Top Governor Ron DeSantis Memes

As he maneuvers to find his position on the national stage, Gov. DeSantis is trying to make a name for himself. He better hurry because people are already calling him various things. He frequently takes pages from the Donald Trump handbook. Thanks to Trump, DeSantis currently has the nicknames of De-Sanctimonious, Groomer and Meatball. Lucky for you, we’ve found several hilarious memes focusing on this controversial governor of Florida and potential presidential hopeful.

Warning: If you ever wanted to visit Florida, you may want to make other plans due to the various divisive actions taken by Gov. DeSantis. Whether intended or not, he has given us the gift of laughter. As you can see, there is plenty of humorous material to draw from.

Canoe image.
Ron DeSantis Photo "Herd immunity".

Still, Gov. DeSantis is gaining grounds in the GOP polls. Who will win, Trump or DeSantis?

Gov. DeSantis has mandated that coffee will no longer be sold in the state of Florida stating that there are enough WOKE people in his state.

Airplane image.
Calendar change.
State of Florida image.
Ron DeSantis unwelcome socially.

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Ron DeSantis vs Mickey Mouse

DeSantis wants to end “Critical Race Theory” (CRT). He’s ready to go to great lengths to pursue his agenda:

Alphabet soup
Ron DeSantis hand gestures.
Bugs Bunny woke.
Book burning.

Of course, many questions Ron DeSantis’ COVID response, which resulted in over 80,000 deaths in Florida. At least, if we can trust the data:

desantis meme about covid data

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