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31 Funniest Weed Memes You Will Ever Find

Weed, Marijuana, Cannabis, Pot, Dope…Whatever you choose to call it, it works for us. Due to its popularity, at any given moment countless people are partaking in this plant which evokes a variety of emotions and reactions for the lucky recipient. Whether it is for medicinal or recreational use, it’s not going away and we don’t judge. This magical herb continues to bring people together while single-handedly increasing the profitably of several snack companies.

Lucky for us, weed creates all kinds of joyful and fun situations. After baseball, many consider it to be America’s other great past time. Chances are that some of you are probably high as you read this or just about getting ready to smoke some weed. Before you take your next puff, put down that pipe or joint for just a moment. We’re happy to share these hilarious, popular memes which will surely put a smile to your face whether you’re high or not.

Woman reading to dog.
weed meme about guy who lost his sunglasses
Batman slap


Guy floating.
Girl laying on bed in haze.

Quick joke: How can you recognize a real pothead? Their bong is cleaner than their teeth.

Girl talking to shoe.
Kids jumping.
Kid crying.
Female with clown face.
Snoop Dogg.
Kids raising hands.
People with big records close to face.

Quick joke:
Why did the stoner start exercising? Because he had eaten so much weed that he got a pot belly.


Quick joke:
How was the pothead able to smoke weed from each hand at the same time? Because he was double-jointed.

Guy in Hazmat suit
Most interesting guy and girl on grocery store floor.

Quick joke:
Where is the best place to hide weed from a hippie? In the shower.

Couple rolling joint.

What does 4/20 mean?
April 20th – or 4/20 – is weed’s day – an excuse for celebrating smoking marijuana:

Skeptical guy with glasses.

Quick joke:
What made the cows keep walking within the marijuana crop? The pot kept calling the cattle back.

Smashing car
Woman scream/crying.
Girl standing and floating.
Forest full of smoke.
Marijuana plants in greenhouse
Father in bed with son.
Girl with burning newspaper.
Man being interrogated.
Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg
Skeleton in smokey room.
Baby Surprised Look

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