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LeBron James Memes: 30 Hilarious Memes About King James

lebron james playing for the lakers

LeBron James is a basketball legend, but he’s also no stranger to being on the receiving end of countless internet memes. So sit back and enjoy a bunch of memes poking fun at the King himself. Here we go!

Lebron James Memes about Choking

From his many chokes to his everlasting battle with his ever-receding hairline, nothing is safe from being turned into a meme these days. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love a good laugh at the expense of a billionaire athlete?

LBJ's career: Flops, flops everywhere.
It's time for LeBron to retire.
Nailing the clutch is brilliant, but I like choking and disappointing everyone.

Lebron James Memes About His Hairline

LeBron shocked on Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
How much did LBJ pay to fix his hairline?
Your hairline doesn't define who you are as a person, so you shouldn't care about it so much.
LeBron: Nope.

Memes about Lebron’s Basketball Skills

LeBron James vs One Dollar
LBJ will never improve his free throw game.
LeBron misses a lot of free throws.
LeBron James keeps calm and starts tons of drama for no clear reason.
I just remembered I once saw LeBron's thingy!

Memes About Lebron James Being (Almost) The GOAT

"LeBron is better than MJ?" LOL K...
Dexter: Steph is better than LeBron.
Never say LeBron is better than Michael Jordan.
LeBron is definitely not the greatest Laker of all time. Not even close.
Keep your mouth shut if you're gonna say LeBron is better than Kobe.
Steph Curry laughing at LeBron's fans.

He Left Cleveland. Twice.

LeBron always leaves Cleveland like "meh."
Cleveland goes in denial everytime LBJ leaves.
Cavs fans have to realize LeBron won't return this time.
We all would chase money as much as LeBron does if we had the opportunity.
The sad truth.

Classic LeBron James Jokes

LeBron James playing 2K to win the finals.
Why does LeBron James only drive automatic cars?
Because he just can't handle a clutch.
Why did LeBron James fall when he tried to stand on his toes?
Because his Cavs failed him.
What's the difference between LeBron James and a tree?
A tree has way more rings.
What do you call LeBron James's twin sister?
LaBron James.
What happens when you put LeBron James in your movie?
It becomes a "Trainwreck."

And finally, a cute (albeit sad) joke that barely has anything to do with LBJ:

Snowman: "I'm taking my talents to South Beach."

Snowman: "Bad idea."

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