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Top 60 Flaming Hot Ginger and Redhead Jokes That Will Get You Laughing for All the Wrong Reasons

ginger couple laughing together

Get ready to laugh and cringe with our compilation of over 60 hilarious and often controversial ginger jokes and memes. From playful teasing to edgy one-liners, these jokes are sure to delight and maybe even offend.
So buckle up and prepare to laugh at lots of stereotypes that from what we understand are not true at all, or are they… nope, nope, definitely not!

Let’s start with the best: top 20 ginger / redhead jokes

My wife told me to prepare our ginger son for his first day at school.
So, I beat him up and stole his lunch.

What is the main difference between a redhead and a vampire? One is a pale soul-sucking creature who hides from the sun at all costs, and the other one is a vampire.

What do you call it when a redhead eats a carrot?

Redhead giving head: Redhead.

What sport should you never play if you’re a ginger?
Bullfighting (corrida)

Jeffrey Dahmer (also known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal”) and Armie Hammer (actor who reportedly texted he is “100% cannibal”) are eating Ronald McDonald the clown.
Jeffrey asks, “does this taste funny to you?”
Armie responds, “Yeah, I think it’s ginger.”

What do you call a handsome young man with ginger parents?


A ginger man rubs an old lamp. He dusts it off and out comes a genie.
The genie asks, “What’s your wish?”
The ginger replies, “I want a house with 10 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms, all made with gold floors.”
Shocked, the genie responds, “Are you out of your mind? Do you know how much gold I would need to do that? Pick something more realistic!”
Eventually, the ginger responds: “Okay, I want people to stop making ginger jokes about my hair.” Without hesitation, the genie looks at him and says, “How many kitchens do you want in your house?”

What book series would never turn a woman on?
50 Shades of Ginger.

What do redheads miss the most about attending a fantastic party?
The invitation.

My wife just gave birth to a ginger boy… I feel a bit torn about who to sympathize with more: my son for being a ginger, or my wife for now having to raise him on her own.

A woman who just gave birth to twins is told by the midwife that she has both good and bad news.
The woman asks for the bad news first, and the midwife solemnly informs her that one of the babies has red hair. The mother chuckles and asks for the good news.
The midwife responds bluntly, “It’s dead.”

Funniest ginger memes

funny meme about the difference between a brick and a redheaded man
funny meme about a book called 50 shades of ginger

Watch the famous “South Park” episode with Cartman giving a presentation about ginger kids

Eric Cartman gives a presentation about ginger kids: “They creep us out, and make us stick to our stomach”:

Other funny redhead jokes and memes

Why did God create people who are color blind?
So that someone would make friends with ginger children.

How does a redheaded man reach org*sm?
All by himself.

Why do redheads love living on Mars?
Because they finally feel like they belong.

joke about redhead being happy

If you’re dating a blonde, raise your hands.
If you’re dating a ginger, raise your standards!

Next time you’re thinking about making fun of a ginger, just put yourself in their shoes.
Only then will you understand how hard life is when you have no sole.

Why are there no redheads in the capital of South Korea?
Because gingers have no soul, and Seoul has no gingers.

Why didn’t the ginger cross the road?
He ran out of sunscreen.

Hey, I'm a ginger and this is crazy.
But here's my sunscreen. I use it daily.

I once bought an alcoholic ginger beer.
He ended up dying of alcohol poisoning.

Why are ginger kids lucky?
Because they were the only kids who got to visit the Neverland Ranch and not get m0lested by Michael Jackson.

What do you call the adult son of a Jamaican-Irish couple?
A ginger-bred mon.

What’s a good nickname for a ginger with asthma?


What do a ginger’s s3x life and an ancient volcano have in common?
They’re both inactive.

What do you call a ginger child who’s really good at karate?
The Carroty Kid.

When do two redheads become invisible?
When they’re walking with their blonde friend?

Why are gingers not scared about going to hell?
Why would they be? They have already spent an eternity getting burns in the sun.

What do you call a ginger at a great party?

What’s the difference between jokes and s3x?
Gingers get a lot of jokes.

I purchased one of those anti-bullying awareness tshirts the other day to support the cause.
I’m using the term “purchased” loosely; I stole it off an overweight ginger child.

How do you refer to a gay ginger?

Why did the serial ki11er insist that he’s never harmed a soul?
Because he was charged with ki11ing four gingers.

Why was the Ginger Lives Matter protest a complete failure?
Because not a single soul showed up.

What do you call a redheaded ninja?

What’s blue, black and red all over?
A “Kick a Ginger Day” victim.

Have you heard the one about the happy ginger kid who has a lot of friends?
Yeah, me neither.

What causes a ginger joke to become a hate crime?

If goth people wear black to reflect the color of their souls.
Does that mean gingers who are goth have to go n@ked?

Goth ginger meme

What spice does Hannibal Lecter always add to his food?
Ground ginger.

What’s the best thing about aging if you’re a ginger?
The gray hair.

What do extinct dinosaurs and gingers have in common?
Unfortunately, not enough.

I wish I had a penny for every time someone asked me if my ginger hair was natural.
Then again, I just wish anybody would ever talk to me.

What do you call a hot woman dating a ginger?
A hostage.

Why are gingers so sensitive to sunlight?
It’s nature’s way of telling us we should lock them inside.

Some people believe that beer is soda with soul.
That explains why ginger ale has no alcohol in it!

When life gives your redheaded girlfriend a yeast infection, make gingerbread!

Why was the ginger guy so eager to join the military?
He needed a good excuse to shave his head!

What kind of mattress did the redhead buy?

What do you call a brunette who dyed her hair red?

Have you ever wondered why redhead conventions never make the news?
It’s because every time a reporter is sent to cover it, they can’t find a single soul to interview.

What do you get when two redheaded rappers start dissing each other?
Ginger beef.

What disease do redheads get if they don’t take good care of their teeth?

What do you call it when a ginger starts taking birth control pills?
Wishful thinking.

What’s the best way to get fresh ginger bread?
You steal a redhead couple’s newborn baby.

Why did the ginger get kicked out of the jazz band?
He didn’t have enough soul.

How does a redhead shave her pubes?

What do you get when a redhead has a meltdown?
A ginger snap.

What happens when a Mexican marries an Irish person?
They make a redhead that can tan.

Redheads Reading Ginger Jokes

We’ve been making fun of gingers this whole time, so it’s only fair to give them the platform to react and respond to all this mess!
And let us tell you, watching redheads read these jokes is just as, if not funnier than the jokes themselves. Enjoy!

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