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35 Funniest Dad Memes (And Dirty Dad Memes!)

We cannot appreciate dads enough for all they do. My dad taught me so much in life, from how to mend my wounds, to how to manage my finances.

That said, dads are often hilarious in the best ways, from telling the most cringy jokes imaginable, to their choice in fashion, and, above else, their quirks.

These memes are dedicated to all the hard-working dads out there! We see you and appreciate you!

“Tough Dad” Memes

Dads put on a REALLY tough front…

dad meme with Samuel L. Jackson about acting out

They worry about us and our wellbeing.

This is especially true for their daughters:

dad meme with Liam Neeson from Taken about curfew

Or, if you have the supreme luck of being the person dating their daughter, you get to confront moments such as these:

dad meme with dogs about meeting boyfriend

Fashion Dad Memes

Except, we know the REAL dad. The one who has impeccable fashion…

father meme about New Balance shoes
dad meme with New Balance sneakers

Cheap Dad Memes

The dad whose face we all need to be printed on our credit cards to remind us not to make frivolous purchases…

dad meme with Tiger King about thermostat
dad meme with Hopper about gas prices

Dads With Quirks

The dad with the wonderful quirks and habits…

dad meme with Gonzo about mowing lawn early
dad meme about snacks on roadtrips
dad meme with Homer Simpson about falling asleep
dad meme with the Undertaker about opening presents
dad meme about unwanted dog
dad meme with Jesse Pinkman about football team losing

Dirty Dad Memes

In this section, we will review a few of the best “dirty dad” memes. You can view more on our “Best Dirty Dad Jokes and Memes” page.

dad on the fence joke
dad meme about son going to college
grandfather addiction meme
dad's private life joke

View our 100 best dirty dad jokes or keep reading for more hilarious dad memes!

Memes about The Best (and Worst) Dad Jokes

The dad who tells the worst — and yet somehow BEST — jokes imaginable and delights in doing so…

dad meme about cutting off arm
dad meme with Ace Ventura about cardboard boxes
dad meme with grilling joke
dad meme with apparent joke
dad meme with Bob Saget with elephant joke
dad meme with Jim Halpert about New Years

You may know the joke:
“Dad, I’m hungry”
Dad: “Nice to meet you, I’m Steve”:

dad meme with the joker about being hungry
dad meme with joke about leaving
dad meme with Michael Scott about ambulances
dad meme with John Cena about needing $20

Memes About Dad Pranks

The one who sometimes used his humor to scare the HECK out of our moms when we were babies.

dad meme with baby in oven prank
dad meme with baby driving prank

Dads Doing the Work

Or who managed to do it ALL without a mom to help.

dad meme about single fathers

The dad who also supported us around every corner, from teaching us life skills…

dad meme with Andy Dwyer about helping with projects
dad meme about helping son mow lawn

… to supporting us around every corner because of how much he loves us!

dad meme with protesting dad last straw
dad meme with Matt LeBlanc about following passions

Happy Father’s Day to all dads out there! We love you!

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