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10 Plant Lady Gift Ideas

10 Plant Lady Gift Ideas

I’m in the beginning stages of becoming a fully-fledged plant lady, so anything plant-related has been catching my eye.

And while your favorite plant lady may eventually run out of room in their home for plants, there are plenty of fun plant-themed things that would make super fun plant lady gift ideas!

#1: Vintage Plant Decor

Vintage illustrated charts always draw me in and this wildflower one is gorgeous. Plus it comes ready to hang.

#2: Plant Lady Mug

There’s a mug for everything, right? The retro style of this plant lady mug is a lot of fun. Fill it with some gourmet coffee or tea and you’ve got a great gift.

#3: Plant-Themed Jammies

I absolutely love matching pajama sets and some plant-themed jammies would make an amazing plant lady gift! These tropical-print pajamas have great reviews and are super cute.

#4: Mini Wall Calendar

The quirky illustrations and fun sayings on this mini wall calendar are so good. It might even be small enough to be a stocking stuffer.

#5: Monstera Leaf Earrings

These are so delicate and pretty. I feel like they would go with any outfit. (

#6: Cactus Jewelry Dish

Speaking of jewelry, how about this cactus jewelry dish? So cute! Maybe give the dish and the earrings together.

#7: Indoor Watering Can

I’m guessing a lot of plant ladies don’t own a pretty indoor water can. I know that I usually just use a cup. I always think that a great gift is something that I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, and this copper watering can fits the bill.

I’ve also thought it would be fun to go to an antique shop and find a vintage tea kettle to use as an indoor watering can.

#8: Notepads

This set of plant-themed notepads are so cute. I love having my to do lists written out on paper and these would be perfect!

#9: Cacti Makeup Bag

If you don’t keep your makeup in a plant-themed makeup bag, are you even a plant lady? Hahaha, ok just kidding. But fun gift idea, right?

#10: Plant Stand

Ok, so it’s not a plant, but it may give your favorite plant lady room for more plants. This bamboo tiered plant stand is gorgeous and doesn’t take up much space. Perfection.

What do you think of these plant lady gift ideas? I’d be thrilled with any of them, but I especially have my eye on that vintage wildflower print.

If you have any ideas you’d add to this list, let me know in the comments!

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Thursday 8th of October 2020

So true about the indoor watering cans. I go to the store determined to pick up an indoor watering can, and then I see the prices and decide it's too expensive. Then I get home and wish that I had an indoor watering can.

Your 84 days message in the weekly email was helpful and timely. For me it's not because I want to get out of 2020, but because I have a goal to reach by next summer and I need to stop thinking of it as something far away. Any of your readers who aren't on the email list should get on it for these types of messages. :-)


Friday 9th of October 2020

Oh thank you so much! I'm happy happy the email inspired you! I'm just using a heavy glass measuring cup for my indoor "watering can" and can't wait to upgrade eventually :)