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Best Craft or Creative Hobbies for Women

For a self proclaimed non creative person, I always steered away from hobbies that involved crafts or being creative.  However, like most of us during the pandemic, I decided it was time to finally try to find a creative hobby I enjoyed.  Here is a list of hobbies (most of them free) that I suggest if you want to spark your creative side. 

  1. Create a Vision Board/Collage Art

I once believed I lacked creative skills… Until I made a vision board.  One of the best ways to get your creative juices flowing is to make a vision board or collage art. I usually begin this process by taking old magazines and clipping out pictures or phrases that represent me or goals I have. All you need is paper, adhesive (like glue or tape), scissors, sharpies or markers and a few magazines to get started! 

Vision boards are great ways to visualize your biggest dreams and goals with pictures, words and other items that reflect you.  It also gives you a daily visual reminder that you are creative!  Here are some great pages to help spark your next project 

  1. Knitting or Sewing

Knitting is also a great way to offer inexpensive, but quality gifts to your friends, for example with a homemade hat or blanket. You can purchase yarn and a couple of needles for less than $2. For online resources on knitting. I recommend 

I’m not a pro at sewing, but I’ve made simple sewing projects to give as gifts that have turned out great. Here are some tutorials I’ve used to make gifts:

  1. Drawing & Coloring

From sketching to even painting (a slightly larger investment) the options are endless and great fun at the same time. Great coloring books can cost as little as $6-$9 or you can find free images online that you can print and color, Check out these: 

  1. Journaling

Not only does journaling allow you to explore your creative side, but it also helps to get all your emotions sorted out at the end of each day. There are many ways to journal: bullet journaling, scrapbooking, or even just writing your thoughts in a notebook are all helpful ways to make some sense out of your day and explore your feelings.

  • For beginners- Five minute journal app
  • Reflectly- Users get daily reflections and the app uses positive psychology, mindfulness and CBT, to help combat negative thoughts and reduce stress.
  • Google or pinterest “journaling prompts” specific to what you want and you will find a ton of free printable journal prompts! 

An additional benefit is being able to go back at a later point and read your journal entries, and be able to look back on how far you’ve come. You don’t have to be an artist or a wordsmith to get started, either; you just need a pen and paper.

  1. Caring for Houseplants

Becoming a plant mom has been one of the hobbies I have personally taken up since social distancing started. Not only has it been fun and engaging, but double bonus when I grow herbs that I can cook with like basil or cilantro. Cactus plants have been shown to improve air quality so that’s another great reason to have a plant-mate.

It’s easy to make excuses such as “I just don’t have a green thumb,” but I used to think that way too. In reality, anyone can be a great plant mom with enough research, practice, and attention. Now, I even like to buy dying plants at clearance prices and bring them back! There are so many different types of plants out there; you will be able to find something for you.

  1. Painting

Painting – or drawing, or even graphic design – is a great way to relieve stress and bring some color into your life, so to speak.  The best part about painting in particular is that there’s no real way to “ruin” it. If you make a mistake, you can simply use your creativity to incorporate that “mistake” into the painting, and no one will even know. You simply cannot fail at painting.

There are so many free youtube tutorials to choose from. You can also use google images to get inspiration. I love watercolor painting the trick is to have the correct paper. I like Canson water color paper.) 

  1. Dancing

Similar to yoga, dancing is another hobby that can help to reduce stress and provide you with a fun workout at the same time. As of today, you can join a multitude of virtual classes that offer lessons among a myriad of different dance styles! Whether you prefer more of a workout, such as Zumba, or would rather learn how to perform more hip-hop style moves, there is a class for you. There are also several free videos online that can teach you a lot of the same dance moves, though you won’t be able to participate in the same level of socialization that you would in a class.

  1. Jewelry Making

Jewelry making offers a fun craft that really does have a niche for everyone. When making jewelry, you can choose to specialize in metalwork, leather, beading, and gems, among other things, and you can be as chill or as upscale with it as you like. If you don’t enjoy one type of jewelry making, you may enjoy another. Another serious benefit of jewelry making is that you can even turn this hobby into a side hustle and sell your creations.


There are so many potential hobbies you could immerse yourself in, and this list of best hobbies for women is far from exhaustive! Although COVID has caused a lot of stress and struggle for all of us, it has also opened up our access to so many new skills.

Learning new things virtually has never been as accessible as it is right now, and it is so easy to pick up any one of these hobbies – or even something entirely different! So go right now and delve completely into something you’ve always wanted to do.

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