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How to Make Chores Easier

How to Make Chores Easier

Overwhelmed by household chores? Got other things you want to spend your time and energy on? Wish there was a way to take some things off of your plate? Yup, yup, and yup! 

No worries. I’ve got you on this one. 

This post is all about how to make chores easier and how to reduce the amount of household chores that you need to do. Sounds amazing, right? So let’s dive into 8 ways you can make chores easier!

1. Get a Robot Vacuum.

Our Eufy RoboVac literally takes one chore completely off my plate. It’s not often that you can eliminate a chore completely, but this does it! Clean floors with close to zero effort.

I wrote up a big review of our robot vacuum and who I think it’ll work best for, so if you’re interested, read that here.

2. Use paper plates.

If you feel constantly overwhelmed by dirty dishes, make chores easier by using disposable dishes.

This is definitely not a very eco-friendly option, so I’d recommend that you at least use compostable, eco friendly disposables like this.

3. Lower the bar.

I’m not saying that you should live in a gross, dirty home, but maybe there are some areas where you can lower the bar a bit so that you can reduce the number of household chores on your to do list.

Maybe wash the sheets a little less often, skip making your bed, or let the grass get a little longer before you mow it.

If you can lower the bar a little on some of your regular chores, you can free up some extra time and energy.

4. Use Walmart Grocery Pickup.

If you’re walking into Walmart to buy groceries, you’re wasting time and energy. I was so skeptical of their Grocery Pickup service, but now I use it all the time. It’s easy to use and I’ve been so happy with it! Learn everything you need to know about Walmart Grocery Pickup in this post.

To try Walmart Grocery Pickup for the first time, you can get $10 off your order if you click this link!

5. Close off rooms.

Are there any spaces in your home that you can close off for a while so that you don’t have to worry about cleaning them?

If you rarely use your dining room, guest room, extra bathroom, or home office, consider closing the door for a while. If no one uses that space you can ignore it completely and reduce the amount of square footage you’re taking care of.

6. Use a laundry drop-off service.

Most laundromats have a service where you drop off your dirty laundry so that they can do it for you. If you’re drowning in dirty clothes, this might be worth trying.

7. Do laundry one day a week. Or every other week.

If you don’t want to use a laundry drop-off service, setting aside a weekly or bi-weekly laundry day can help. You can basically ignore the dirty laundry until you get to your laundry day. Then you power through it all in one day.

It might make sense to buy more clothes so that you have enough clean underwear to make it until your laundry day 🙂

I’ve got a post with tips for getting all of the laundry done in one day here.

8. Buy pre-made meals or convenience foods.

There is an amazing amount of options for pre-made meals and convenience foods at the grocery store these days if you want to eliminate the need to cook. And there are options that can fit with pretty much any health and diet concerns.

Stock up on some easy microwave or heat and eat meals next time you use Walmart Grocery Pickup to reduce time and energy spent cooking. Doing this for just a few meals per week could be a big help.

So many chores have always felt inevitable — like there’s no getting around them. They just have to happen. But I hope you can see with this list that there are ways to make chores easier and even reduce the number of chores you need to do. 

Yes, some of these solutions cost money, but you may find that it’s absolutely worth it! Plus, you can pick and choose which chores cause you the most frustration and put your resources there.

I hope you can find some ways to take things off your plate and make life a little easier! 

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How to Make Chores Easier

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Tuesday 16th of June 2020

but how does any of thei tie win with money saving!


Tuesday 16th of June 2020

Hi Gillie! I don't believe in always doing what will save the most money possible. Instead, I try to spend our money with intention. If spending some money will simplify my life, help me stress less, or save me time or energy, I often find it worth it!