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My Honest Robot Vacuum Review

My Honest Robot Vacuum Review

I love having clean floors but I hate vacuuming.

If you’re in the same boat, keep reading! If you’re an odd duck who enjoys vacuuming, this might not be for you. Unless you’re crazy-busy, then you’ll probably still get on board. 

We bought a robot vacuum! I thought it was a frivolous and unnecessary purchase at first, but I adore this little guy! He’s not perfect (yes, he’s a him) but he’s up there among my favorite purchases! I don’t necessarily think he’d work for every house and person though, so I wanted to get into the details with a proper robot vacuum review.

What We Bought

We bought the Eufy RoboVac 30C.

Since all of these robot vacuums are different, I can really only speak to this particular one, though I think a lot of my experience would be true for any brand and version.

We chose this vacuum because we liked the price and the reviews. Definitely read through online reviews before you make a purchase.


Setup was super easy! We had to snap on the little brushes, plug in the charging dock, and set up the app on our phones.

Within the app you can create a schedule for when you want the vacuum to run. He also has a remote control, so you don’t have to use the app on your phone if you want to just use the remote to turn him on.

Eufy Robot Vacuum


Our little guy does require a bit of attention.

Since he’s quite little, I empty the collection tray after every time he runs, which is easy and take 30 seconds.

I also have to clean the brushes out about once a week. We have a purple rug that sheds horribly, so I’m mostly cleaning out purple fuzz and some hair. I’m guessing if we didn’t have this crazy rug I wouldn’t have to clean him out so often.

The vacuum came with a little cleaning tool that makes cutting out hairs and getting the fuzz off of the brushes really easy. It probably takes about five minutes to do a good job.

How We Use Our Robot Vacuum

We have our robot vacuum set to run every night while we’re asleep. He makes his way through all of our main living spaces and I have really noticed a difference in how clean our house looks every day!

We sleep with our door closed, so our bedroom doesn’t get vacuumed throughout the night. He’s actually impressively quiet, but I still wouldn’t want him roaming around while I sleep!

A few times per week, I use the remote control to drive the vacuum into our bedroom and then turn it on Auto and close the bedroom door. This way he’s stuck in our room for a while to clean. I did this today while I took Mozzie for a walk and by the time we got back, our bedroom carpet looked great!

Basically, whenever we want to make sure a specific room gets cleaned, we drive him in and close the door for a while.


We’ve encountered a few issues with the vacuum and were able to come up with solutions each time.

  1. The vacuum is actually really good at climbing on and off of our rugs, but he consistently got stuck on the base of one of our chairs and under the refrigerator. He came with special magnetic tape that you can use to create barriers for where you don’t want the vacuum to go. We placed the magnetic tape under our chair and under the fridge so that he doesn’t try to go in those spaces anymore, which solved the problem.
  2. There are a few error alerts that the robot vacuum can give. While it was in our bedroom, it kept stopping and giving a “dirty sensors” error, which was just not true. I eventually figured out that with the sun coming directly in our bedroom window, there was a big contrast between the sunny spots on our carpet and the not sunny spots. The sensors would think something was wrong when it hit the edge of a sun line. Now I close the curtains when I run him in there and it hasn’t been a problem since.

Why You (might) Need a Robot Vacuum

Our robot vacuum is an awesome time and energy saver for me! I did not expect to be so impressed by it.

The biggest pro is that this vacuum simplifies cleaning for me in a big way! It takes one big chore completely off of my plate.

I’m not so sure that he’d work for everyone though.

  • We have a ranch style house, so we don’t have to deal with different floor levels. With a two story house, I guess you’ve have to carry the vacuum to different floors or have more than one.
  • You have to clean up a bit for him. The vacuum can easily snag on charging chords, dirty laundry, and just anything small left out. I tidy up every night before bed to make sure he doesn’t catch on shoes, dog toys, or blankets laying around. For me, it’s a great reason to keep our house tidy, but it may be a bit of a pain depending on your clutter level.
  • A robot vacuum probably wouldn’t be your only vacuum. Ours has some nice cleaning settings for spot cleaning and edging, but it doesn’t have extra cleaning tools for crevices or a long tube for reaching high up areas. We still have another vacuum that will get used occasionally for those extra things. If you only want one vacuum that can do it all, I don’t think a robot vacuum is it. If you don’t mind having an extra vacuum stashed away to reach weird spaces on occasion, then I think having a robot vacuum is so nice for daily clean floors.

Again, my robot vacuum review is based on my experience with what we have (the Eufy RoboVac 30C) but I would think that a lot of what we’ve experienced would be similar with any robot vacuum.

Even though our robot vacuum isn’t perfect and does require some maintenance, the joy of having clean floors every single day with hardly any effort — he’s definitely worth it!

Our robot vacuum saves me a solid amount of time and energy and I still get to enjoy clean floors all the time.

What do you think? Do you want to try a robot vacuum after reading my review?

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My Honest Robot Vacuum Review

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