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7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products


7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products

Proper bedroom organization is often seriously neglected. I guess it makes sense in a way. It’s not like you’re hosting dinner parties in there. You might not spend much time awake in your bedroom, except to quickly get dressed in the morning.

But your bedroom holds a lot of stuff and can quickly become a dumping ground. Some handy bedroom  organization products wouldn’t go unused, right?

Of course, you know that I first have to recommend that you declutter, declutter, declutter. And stop storing random crap in your bedroom that doesn’t belong there.

But once all of that is out of the way, we can get to the fun part: organization supplies! Who else is super geeky about this stuff? I’ll share some of my favorite bedroom organization products so that you can start using them ASAP.

7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products

1. Thin Non Slip Hangers

Beside the fact that having all matching hangers makes you feel completely put together, thin non slip hangers are super helpful.

They keep clothes from sliding off onto the floor causing unnecessary messes. They also free up some breathing room in your closet so that things don’t feel quite so cramped and you can see what you’ve got.

It felt like a silly purchase when I got ours, because you can always get random hangers for free when you buy clothes, but I’m so happy I made this tiny splurge a while back. 

7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products

2. Tall Laundry Basket

I don’t know why they make most laundry baskets short and wide so that they take up tons of floor space. I always seek out tall, skinny laundry baskets.

They hold just much laundry, if not more, and don’t take up much room, which is a must if you have a small bedroom. 

3. Blanket Rack

I wrote a whole post about how we avoid “the chair” in our bedroom (you know, that chair most people have where they pile their clothes that have been worn but aren’t quite dirty yet).

Using a blanket rack to neatly drape our worn clothes on helps keep our bedroom organized in a big way! I highly recommend one! 

7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products

4. Over-the-Door Hanger

Hooks are so much more convenient than hangers. Instead of installed hooks everywhere, I like to use over-the-door hangers.

They work perfectly to hang sweatshirts, bags, scarfs, or clothes you often reach for. 

5. Ceramic Egg Holder

I adore my ceramic egg holder! It’s perfect for keeping my jewelry organized in a pretty way — no tangled necklaces and I can see everything I’ve got. 

7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products

6. Plastic Drawers

We have used plastic sets of drawers for so many things over the years: craft supplies, tools, holiday decor, etc. They’ve come in handy in our bedroom as well!

For a while, we didn’t have a dresser in our bedroom. We used shelves to hold our clothes and a plastic set of drawers worked perfectly for holding socks and underwear. If you don’t have enough drawers, they are an inexpensive organization option. 

7. Drawer Dividers

Our current dresser has super small drawers, so I haven’t needed to use these yet. I’ve got my eye on them because we’re switching dressers soon to one with really large drawers and I don’t want all of our clothes to become a jumbled mess.

We have used all of these bedroom organization products (except that last one 🙂 ) and they make it so much easier to keep our bedroom from becoming a disaster zone!

I hope you can snag a few to get your bedroom organized!

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7 Must-Have Bedroom Organization Products

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