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How to Eat More Beans (or get your family to)

How to Eat More Beans (or get your family to)

Update: This is an old post that I’ve made a bunch of updates to. It seemed like many people stocked up on beans when the coronavirus hit, so I wanted to give you some ways to use them! Plus, we eat mostly vegan at home now, so we eat more beans than ever, so I’ve got new tips to share.

Do you like beans? I didn’t grow up eating a lot of beans, except for in chili, and I usually picked around them 🙂

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve tried to eat more beans. They’re kind of hard to get used to for me because they have a unique texture and taste.

I eat beans in a lot of things now, so I wanted to share how to eat more beans, coming from a person who didn’t used to like them at all.

First, though, let’s talk about why it’s even worth it to bother eating more beans! 

They’re Healthy. Beans are packed with protein, fiber, iron, and other good stuff. They are good for your heart and your cholesterol. They help keep your blood sugar level. They are low in calories for all of that goodness too.

They’re Filling. That protein and fiber really fill you up and keep you full.

They’re Inexpensive. Yup! Beans are insanely cheap. You really get a ton of “bang for your buck” with beans. They’ve got to be one of the least expensive ways to fill up an empty belly. I’m always on the lookout for ways to stretch our grocery budget and beans sure help. They’re even cheaper if you buy dried beans and cook them yourself.

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Tip # 1: Pick the Right Beans

I always hated beans growing up, but the only kind I ever had were huge kidney beans, which have a texture that I couldn’t stomach. I actually still don’t like kidney beans.

Choosing the right kind of beans is important if you’re going to enjoy them!

For me, it was best to start with smaller, less “meaty” beans. Smaller beans can get added into a dish without taking it over.

My favorite “beginner” beans:

  • Navy Beans (they’re actually a white bean, i don’t know why they’re called that…)
  • Great Northern Beans (another white bean)
  • Black Beans
  • Refried Beans (they have good flavor and are creamy)
  • Chickpeas (these are in hummus)

Tip #2: Don’t Go Crazy

I always think a little at a time is best when you’re trying to get used to a new food.

If you can add a small amount of beans to the dishes that you already like, you’ll have a better chance of getting used to the taste and flavor.

Tip #3: Get Creative

There are still some dishes that are just too bean-y for me, but I’ve added more beans to our diet in some creative ways:

  • Hummus: We make our own hummus with chickpeas and eat it with tortilla chips and veggies. Pureed beans don’t seem like beans.
  • Tacos, Quesadillas, and Tostadas: We started with adding a very thin layer of refried beans to our tacos and quesadillas. The flavor and creaminess are yummy! We now add a thicker layer.
  • Soup: Adding a small amount of beans to soup can be a good way to start incorporating beans into meals without them being super noticeable or overpowering.
  • Sneaky Soup: Beans can be a great thickener. In some of my soups, I puree a can of beans and mix them into the soup to thicken it. No one ever notices!

Recipes & Cookbooks:

Here are some of my favorite recipes and cookbooks for eating more beans:

The more we get used to eating beans, the more we like them and try to find more ways to incorporate them into our meals. I really notice how filling they are and how easy they are on my food budget.

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⇒ Do you like beans? What are your favorite ways to eat them?

How to Eat More Beans (or get your family to)

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Monday 25th of May 2020

My favorite breakfast lately has been huevos rancheros. I put refried beans and cheese on a hard corn tostada shell and then put a fried egg on top. You can doctor it up with cilantro, avocado, tomatoes, sour cream, etc., but I usually eat it just like that.

Do you have any tips to make beans less gassy?


Tuesday 26th of May 2020

That sounds delish! Great idea Chris!

Kathy Williams

Saturday 4th of March 2017

Such great idea for beans I've been doing the same thing trying to add them slowly let me give you a great recipe I got from The Chew you take any white bean a can of drained already chokes plane black olives or sun-dried tomatoes I saute up a piece or two of garlic and I puree it just like hummus try it it's absolutely yummy just don't have a lot of oil or liquids like you do because it's already loose enough


Sunday 5th of March 2017

Sounds great! Thanks Kathy!!