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21 Ways to Keep a Clean House


21 Ways to Keep a Clean House

Keeping our house clean does not equal one 4-hour cleaning session every week. That would mean that I let our house become a disaster and then spend hours every week trying to fix it.

Besides the fact that I don’t want to live in a disaster zone for 90% of the week, I also really don’t want to spend a giant chunk of time cleaning. I want to keep my house clean so that I can enjoy a relatively tidy home all week long and avoid having a “cleaning day”.

Keeping our house tidy really equals tons of tiny tasks that happen throughout every single day. Most of them are such ingrained habits that I don’t even think twice about them at this point.

If you want the benefit of a home that is always clean and tidy (I aim for being about 10-15 minutes away from being able to have company over at any time), try incorporating some of these tiny tasks into your day until they are habits you don’t even have to think about.

21 Ways to Keep a Clean House

Kitchen / Dining Room

1. Clean up the kitchen as you cook.

2. Don’t put dishes in the sink: wash them or put them in dishwasher immediately.

3. Always run the dishwasher before bed. Empty it after breakfast.

4. Clear out old stuff from the fridge as you make your grocery list.

5. Don’t allow anything to sit on the kitchen table. Model this to family and remind them to put things where they belong. Maybe things that pile up need a designated spot.

6. Clean out containers from lunch boxes while you clean up dinner.

7. Wipe down kitchen counters before bed.

21 Ways to Keep a Clean House


8. Make your bed every morning.

9. Tidy your bedroom as you get dressed. Look for tissues, dishes, and dirty clothes that may have accumulated.

10. Use a blanket rack to keep “in-between” clothes corralled. You now, the ones that aren’t quite dirty and can be worn again.


11. Wipe down bathroom counters as you brush your teeth. Keep a spray bottle and rag in the bathroom to make it convenient.

12. Grab trash from the bathrooms every time you take the kitchen trash out.

21 Ways to Keep a Clean House

Living Room

13. Put couch blankets in a basket or storage ottoman when you get off the couch.

14. For kids, create certain times throughout the day when toys get picked up (ie: before lunch and before bed).

15. 5-minute speed clean/tidy the living room and kitchen before bed.

21 Ways to Keep a Clean House


16. Place bills in your homemaking binder immediately after the opening mail.

17. Tidy your desk after every time you use it so that nothing piles up. Create specific locations for all paperwork so that it has a home and doesn’t “belong” sitting out.


18. Hang bags and coats immediately when you get in the door.

General Tips

19. Every time you leave a room, take something with you that belongs somewhere else.

20. Have a collection spot for things that need to go to a different floor. Example, a basket at the bottom of the stairs for everything that needs to head upstairs.

21. Assign each family member a bedtime cleanup task: an area they wipe down or tidy before bed that takes 2 minutes.

I’m certainly not perfect at keeping up with every single one of these each day. The more I do them, the more the mess stays under control, though.

This means that I don’t have to spend hours cleaning or tidying. Best of all, I get to enjoy living in a house that’s pleasant to be in.

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⇒ What little habits do you have that help keep your home clean and tidy?

21 Ways to Keep a Clean House

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Erin | A Welder's Wife

Tuesday 12th of December 2017

I love your tips! I also try to implement the one-touch rule. Basically, if I need a pair of scissors, I do not just leave them out on the counter once I am done. I take the time to put them back where I got them from to begin with, and it keeps our home much tidier! It is definitely something you have to do consistently, but well worth the effort. One thing I do differently than your suggestion is with the dishes. We have a 4-hour delay on our dishwasher, and use let the dishwasher run in the middle of the night. This is for 2 reasons: 1. We live in a small space and do not want to listen to our dishwasher running, and 2. It saves money on our electric bill because we are running it outside of "prime time". It is basically the same as you mentioned, because you will have clean dishes to put away in the morning. However, there is just a little bit of money savings added to it. :)


Wednesday 13th of December 2017

That's a great idea Erin! Thanks for sharing!!


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

I really like the decluttered look of your home. I also use the ideas you listed so that things don't pile up. I hadn't thought of the blanket rack to hang up clothes though. Very good idea!


Tuesday 12th of December 2017

Thanks Stephanie! I'm so glad you found a helpful tip!!