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7 Home Organization Solutions


7 Home Organization Solutions | How to organize jewelry, shoes, DVDs... | Home organizing ideas | Click through for some great tipsI love organizing things! Haha, I’m an organizer since birth.

I remember when I was a little kid, I would go through my bedroom a few times a year.

I would declutter and get rid of toys I wasn’t using anymore and then spend time organizing everything that was left. It was a fun activity for me. Odd, right?

My freakish love for organizing and the fact that I’m drawn to smaller spaces means that I’m always on the lookout for new organizational solutions.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite ways I’ve organized certain areas of our home.

7 Home Organization Solutions


I used to have a huge jewelry collection. Huge. And I wore it all! My jewelry tastes have since gone much more classic and I’ve scaled back considerably.

I purchased a ceramic egg holder that I used to organized my earrings and necklaces.

I love being able to see them all in one place. Plus, it puts a bit of a space limit on my jewelry which makes me think twice before I buy something new.

I also have a cute bowl that I store my bracelets in because most of them are much chunkier.



This is our newest organizational solution.

Before we moved to our apartment, we had a big crate that stored DVDs. Most of them are Austin’s from before we got married. He’s gotten rid of a lot, but still wanted to keep quite a few. Ok, some of them are mine too 🙂

Anyways, I was sick of digging through this crate when I wanted to watch something, so we bought a DVD binder. All of our DVDs fit.

We threw away the plastic cases and they now take up about a quarter of the space that they did before. Plus, when we want to watch one, we just flip through the binder to see them all.

7 Home Organization Solutions | DVDs


Our shoes are all stored on an inexpensive shoe rack (this one looks nice). It’s nothing special, but they’re all in one spot.

We also keep a rug right inside the door for the pair or two we’re currently wearing since we always kick our shoes off the second we get inside.

7 Home Organization Solutions | ShoesBlankets

So to me, this is a miraculous thing.

Story Time: When I was growing up we always had blankets by the couch because it’s just not cozy to sit on the couch unless you have a blanket. I vividly remember my mom folding all of the blankets multiple times per day, or making us kids do it. Even if we were coming back to the couch in 15 minutes, we still had to fold the blanket. It drove me nuts.

So now that I’m “all growed up” and have my own house, I never ever fold the blankets.

We have an ottoman that opens up and when we’re not using our couch blankets, I shove them in! No more folding blankets for this girl 🙂 (I love you mom)

Anyways, I highly recommend getting a storage ottoman.

7 Home Organization Solutions | Blankets


Hobby stuff can take up a lot of room and quickly become a mess.

I’ve got all of my fabric stored in two under-the-bed containers. A while ago I folded all of the fabric so that I can see it all, which helps me remember what I’ve got.

I was having such a problem keeping all of my threads and bobbins from becoming a mess. I saw an idea on Pinterest though that worked out well. I got some cheap golf tees to keep the thread and matching bobbins together.

I put them all in the bottom of a tackle box and most of the rest of my sewing notions fit on top.

7 Home Organization Solutions | Sewing


I seriously love my filing cabinet.

A few years ago I organized the whole thing with color-coded files and it has been so easy to find things and stay organized ever since!

I divided the colored files into sections: the red ones are for bills. yellow is for insurance and investments, green is for tax returns (I put a separate folder in each one for each year so that I can easily grab what I need), and blue is for more random categories like Mozzie’s paperwork and car or school stuff we like to keep.

I also got a separate accordion folder to organize all of our medical bills and paperwork.

I go through everything about once a year and burn the papers that we don’t need to keep any longer.

7 Home Organization Solutions | Files


We have a great collection of board games are card games. We have pared them back to only our favorites.

We used to keep them tucked away in a closet, but then it seemed like we always forgot about them. I decided to move them out into the open and I’ve found that we play them more now that we can see them.

Our entertainment center has a few shelves on the side and I fit all of our games in one of the sides. They’re stacked nicely and we can see them all. We also have a small container for cards, dice, and smaller games. It’s certainly nothing ground-breaking, but it’s very functional for us.

7 Home Organization Solutions | Games

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⇒ What areas of your house are tricky to organize? Which areas have you come up with great solutions for?


7 Home Organization Solutions

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