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Healthy Habits for a Happier Life


I’m all about creating steady and healthier habits! I believe that what we do every day is what determines our lives, and small healthy habits can add up to a healthier and happier life. “Healthy” is not a destination. It’s a lifelong journey; a combination of daily choices and habits.

Starting with the Low-Hanging Fruits: 20 Easy Healthy Habits To Start Today

We have compiled for you a list of healthy habits to start. These habits have been selected based on a low level of effort to start and keep the habit, and the high rewards you will get from them. Low effort, big rewards! Discover our 20 healthy habits to start.

Hmm.. I wish I had Known that Earlier! How to Start a New Habit.

Have you ever started a new habit only to give it up a few weeks later? Hmmm, we have too! But there is something you can do about it. It turns out that scientists have researched the best ways to build a new habit, and we’ve distilled the key learnings for you here. Read How to Build Healthy Habits for Life.

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Taking charge of your health and well-being

Research shows that healthy food, fitness, sleep and social support impact your overall health (Source: Sycamore Institute). The healthy habits I’m talking about on my blog center around these 4 key themes: healthy food, fitness, sleep and relationships. Because I believe, and research also shows, that once you have built good habits to eat healthy, stay active, sleep well and have positive social support, your health, mood, and happiness will improve.

Let’s start with building better habits with healthy food, fitness and sleep, which all lead to better physical health.

1. Healthy Food Habits

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It’s never easy to make a change, especially when it comes to our health and food. Check out the list of healthy food habits below – all relatively effortless & easy to incorporate in your daily life.

Top healthy food habits:
1. Make tasty and healthy snacks readily available
2. Find easy veggie recipes that are delicious (with 3 examples)
3. Learn to make healthy food swaps
4. Make a healthy grocery list and stick to it
5. Choose wisely when ordering takeout
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2. Healthy Fitness Habits

For about 200,000 years, humans have walked or ran a lot to hunt or find food. Even as recently as 200 years ago, we still did a lot of natural physical exercises by farming food, walking and doing manual labor. Physical fit was important just to survive. Yet today, most of us spend several hours a day sitting at a desk, in a car, or on our couch, and generally don’t have healthy fitness habits.

This is why is it important for most of us to develop healthy fitness habits and keep an active lifestyle. Here are 4 important ways to build better habits:

1. Start In A Small Way for Early Wins: The biggest mistake you could make at this stage is to go all-in and reform too much at once. We are creatures of habit, and we don’t fare well when we change too much.

2. Focus on Consistency, Not Perfection: Making small changes is beneficial because it allows you to focus on the fundamental factor that makes or breaks your long-term success: consistency.

3. Progress Slowly And Consistently: even small efforts will lead to growth and progress. Even if it doesn’t seem like much on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis, progress adds up. For example, if you add 20 yards to your total distance every week, that would compound to over half a mile in a year.

4. Having a Concrete Plan Leads to Results: Research shows that having a concrete plan leads to better habits. Having a concrete plan with “What, How Long, Where and When” helps get you results! It could be something like: Do a circuit routine (what) for twenty minutes (how long) in the living room (where) at 6 PM (when).

Use the “What, how long, where and when” plan to build consistent fitness habits

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3. Healthy Relationship Habits: Good Friends Are Key to a Happier Life

We all know intuitively that positive relationships with friends or family can make you happier and healthier. And yes, scientific research shows that it is true, and I wanted to share with you some information about it, because it really is an important topic. I have personally learned a lot from reading up on this. It has been life-changing in several ways, so I wanted to make sure I spend time to share a few interesting insights that will hopefully inspire you to become even better at building friendships!

Social support from friends and family can improve your health and even decrease your risk of death (Two sources: National Institute of Health and Johns Hopkins Medicine).

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Healthy Habits for a Happier Life

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