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Simple and Easy Ways to Improve Your Friendships


I remember moving to New York City in my early 20s. Living in a big, expensive city and short on budget, I used to invent all sorts of ways to make my friendships a bliss everyday. Aside from rare occasions going full on luxurious to Broadway shows, concerts and restaurants, the sky is limitless when it comes to having fun with just your imagination.

Here are a few ways to spice up your friendships wherever you are:

  1. Written note on holidays:
    Holidays are magical times. Why not send your long time friends and acquaintances a written note on a simple postcard? Written letters are forgotten these days as people replace them with emails, Facebook posts and chat messages. Your handwriting shows all shades of your character on the page. And the receiver can visualize and appreciate your genuine, heartwarming gestures through the letters. To me, a handwritten note is a cute surprise that never goes out of style.
  1. Preparing homemade meals together:
    What could possibly be better than an evening staying in and breaking bread with good old friends? Food bonds amazingly, especially homemade food made with love and care. My best friend introduced me to a feast of vegan dishes that she cooked in just under an hour. Then we made our meal fancier and more intimate by lighting a candle, sipping red wine, munching on warm hummus, avocado bread, beet patties and engaging in light hearted conversations about relationships and work.
  1. Spend a lot of time together outdoors:
    Outdoor activities are great ways to spend a lot of time with a friend, have fun and enjoy meaningful experiences that you will get to talk about again. My top two favorite outdoor things to do with my friends is picnic at the park and camping. During the summer, we would gather on the weekends and each of us brought our own homemade dish to the party. Since our group of friends is quite diverse, we get to try food from different cultures. If a picnic is usually reserved for daytime, camping is a great option for night time. My close friends and I would drive 3 hours to the camping spot, set up the tent, and start roasting sausages and preparing omelettes. I remember the indescribable joy rising in my chest as I watched the scenic view of my friends playing and cooking around the fire. In the background of an orange hue of sunset down the hill. We would talk late in the evening, drinking wine and telling stories, singing around the fire, stargazing, then off to the tent to play Cards Against Humanity.
  1. Explore outside of where I live:
    Other times when we were in the mood, we called up each other and went for a spontaneous hiking trip. Taking the train out of the city and not knowing the exact plan was exciting and scary at the same time. The best thing about unplanned trips is you never know what you could run into. A small, festive town with a rich history. A cozy, 90s trend cafe. A hiking trail leading to a stunning view. An argument with my friend when we got lost chanced us to understand more of each other and draw us closer. You will just get to experience new adventures together that will be worth talking about.

It’s important to catch up with your close friends once in a while to engage in fun and creative activities. Humans bond deeply through physical social interactions, not in liking a status or commenting on a photo. What I have discovered over the years that, any activity that requires team efforts shared equally ends up the most memorable and fun time. If you can become a connector and organizer for social events, go for it and keep up the positive vibe even when things could go a little off track. You’d be amazed how grateful and happy your friends will be for your effort.

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