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20 Free Habit Tracker Printables To Download in 1 Click


Easy Downloads – No Sign-Up Required – Multiple Designs to Choose From

Habit trackers can make it so easy to monitor your progress and build new habits. Monitoring your progress is a simple idea that holds so much power! Whether you’re trying to exercise more, eat healthier, floss more often, or create just about any other habit, monitoring how well you are doing using a habit tracker can help.

I use a dead simple habit tracker to monitor how often I work out. Every month, I print out a new page and tape it to my bedroom wall. I write a check mark on each day that I work out.

We have designed for you 5 new habit tracker printables that you can easily download and print in different formats, including JPG, PDF or Excel. Just pick the format you like to print your sheet (we recommend PDF).

How do Habit Trackers Help?

Tracking your progress with a habit tracker can get you two times the results: a study from Kaiser Permanente observed nearly 1,700 people. They found that participants that monitor their progress with a food diary lost as much as double the weight versus participants that did not monitor progress. That’s double the weight loss, y’all!!

On this page, you will find 5 free (and cute!) habit tracker printables, organized by timeframe (monthly/yearly) and number of habits you want to track (one habit or several habits).

Habit Tracker Printables (for 1 Month)

1. Track 1 habit for the month

You can use these monthly habit trackers below to track a single habit over a full month or 30 days. Simply check a box everytime you do your habit on any given day.

Habit Tracker for 1 month

PDF Download | Download Excel

You can also use our monthly calendar, which includes 4 weeks:

habit tracker monthly by day

PDF Download | Download Excel

habit tracker monthly by day
monthly planner with a checkbox for each day
monthly planner with habit tracking, top goals, and things to do
Monthly planner with top goals and things to do, in addition to habits

2. Track several habits for the month

You can use these monthly printables below to track several habits over a full month (or 30 days). Simply write down your habit name in the left green column, and check a box everytime you do your habit on any given day.

Habit Tracker for several habits

PDF Download | Download Excel

Monthly Habbit Tracker for several habits

PDF Download | Download Excel

Montly Habit Tracker for Several Habits

PDF Download | Download Excel

Monthly habit tracker with fruit designs
monthly  habit tracker with arrow design
monthly habit tracker with hearts design

Habit Tracker Printable (For Several Months)

Are you feeling ambitious and want to build a new habit for several months or even a full year? You can print these yearly habit trackers. It will help you track how well you are doing for a single habit over the span of several months.

Track one habit over the course of several months

Yearly Habit Tracker

PDF Download | Download Excel

Annual Habit Trackers

Annual Habit Tracker by Bobbi Printables (External link)

Big yearly planner for a single habit

How to Use Your Habit Tracker to Get Results

When I first tried to start a new habit of exercising at least 3 times per week, I believed that I was doing well and doing my work out several times per week. After a few weeks of actually monitoring my activities on a habit tracker (adding a checkbox every time I did a workout), I realized that I often went 4 or 5 days without a single workout! A habit tracker doesn’t lie. It will tell you exactly how often you’ve worked out and hold you accountable. It’s also super-motivating to see your progress when you have built your new habit successfully!

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