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11 Perfect Vegan Gift Ideas

11 Perfect Vegan Gift Ideas

We’ve been transitioning to a vegan diet this year, plus some of our best friends are vegan. So I thought it would be fun to round up some perfect vegan gift ideas!

I already own a bunch of these items, so I can vouch for how great they are. Many of the others may just end up on my Christmas list this year.

#1: The Meatless Monday Family Cookbook

After checking out a massive amount of vegan cookbooks from the library, I found this one. And it’s so good that I ended up buying it! Every recipe I’ve tried so far has been a winner, so if you’re going to buy your favorite vegan a cookbook, this is the one to get.

#2: Pacifica Perfume

I’ve been using the Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava perfume for years and it smells amazing! Pretty much all of Pacifica’s perfumes smell great. They’re vegan and quite affordable.

#3: Herbivore T-Shirt

There are so many options when it comes to fun and sassy vegan shirts. I’m loving this Team Herbivore t-shirt. I think it’s going to end up on my Christmas list.

#4: Tofu Press

We’ve started eating tofu regularly, but I don’t have a tofu press. You can press tofu without one, so it’s kind of a “nice to have” luxury. This bamboo tofu press is quite beautiful and has a drip tray attached.

#5: The Joyful Vegan

If your favorite vegan loves to read, The Joyful Vegan is an excellent book about living the vegan life in a compassionate, loving way. I found it insightful and helpful.

#6: Vegan Leather Purse

Vegan leather is becoming much more common and a vegan leather purse would make a great gift. This purse has a beautiful strap and can be worn as a shoulder or crossbody bag.

#7: Indoor Herb Garden Kit

If your favorite vegan likes to cook, this indoor herb garden kit would make such a fun gift! It includes everything they need to grow their own herbs. And it’s all quite beautiful, too.

#8: Lenny & Larry’s Cookies

I adore these vegan cookies! They have a good amount of protein and fiber in them, so they’re almost more like a protein bar than a cookie. I sent a pack of them to my sister-in-law right after she had a baby (she’s not vegan) and she loved them so much that she’s been buying them ever since. This big variety pack would be a fabulous treat to give!

#9: Vegan Soaps

These vegan soaps would also make a nice gift, or maybe a stocking stuffer. They are made in small batches in Canada and are scented with essential oils. I personally use this soap and love it!

#10: Vegan Leather Journal

It’s not too hard to find vegan leather journals these days. This one is gorgeous! It’s the perfect gift for a person who like to write.

#11: Vitamix Blender

Ok, one last idea for if you want to go big: a Vitamix blender. They are not cheap, but they are incredibly powerful.

I’ve found that a lot of vegan recipes require a high-powered blender, or at least work better with one. We got a reconditioned one and you’d never know that it wasn’t brand new. Anyways, a Vitamix blender would make a great vegan gift if you have a large gift budget.

Did you get some good vegan gift ideas? For every item on this list, I either already own it or would love to be given it, so I think the vegan in your life would be thrilled with any of these gifts.

Do you have any suggestions for more vegan gift ideas? Leave a comment and let me know!

11 Perfect Vegan Gift Ideas

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