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My New “Uniform” + eShakti Review

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My New Daily Uniform | Wear the same thing everyday | Get dressed easily So, I’m in a new phase of my wardrobe simplification process. You can read about ways I’ve already simplified my wardrobe here.

Now that I work from home, I’ve found that my clothing needs have changed a lot.

First, I spend most of my day in yoga pants, cotton tops, and fleeces.

Second, when I go somewhere, I want to still be comfortable while looking a bit more put together.

Third, since I’m extremely casual most of the time, I don’t want multiple sets of clothing, most of which would never get worn. I just don’t need fancy dresses, dress pants, and skirts most of the time. Plus, I find jeans to be too stiff and uncomfortable.

The solution I’m currently working on is creating a sort of uniform that is comfortable and can be worn for pretty much any occasion.

My New “Uniform”

I think the idea of a clothing uniform is awesome. A lot of professionals chose to wear the same basic combo everyday so that they don’t have to think about it. People like Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg have talked about doing this and they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves 🙂

If you can look great and eliminate an extra decision from your day, then that’s awesome. It also saves time and energy. Check out this article if you’re not convinced.

What I’m Wearing:

I’ve settled nicely on wearing comfortable dresses every time I go out. Here’s why:

  1. Dresses work for almost any occasion. I’m going with comfortable cotton dresses, so they’re not too fancy for grocery shopping. However, I can wear nice jewelry, do my hair cute, and go with dressier shoes for a special occasion. Dresses eliminate the need for casual clothes and dressy clothes because they work for both. I also like that dresses make me look put together even in casual situations.
  2. Dresses are simple. Seriously, it’s one piece. Dresses make you look completely put together in the most lazy way possible. I don’t have to match tops with bottoms or anything.
  3. Dresses can work with the weather. I live in West Michigan with negative temps in the winter and heat and humidity in the summer. Right now, I’m wearing 3/4 or long sleeve dresses with fleece-lined leggings or tights with boots. I also have some long sweaters to wear on top for an extra layer. Once it gets warmer, I’ll skip the sweater and the tights. In the summer, I’ll get some short sleeved or sleeveless dresses to wear with sandals.
  4. Dresses are easy to accessorize. Since I’m trying to simplify my wardrobe, I’m being very picky about the dresses I’m purchasing. I’m looking for quality pieces that will last a long time. I’m also going for solid colors so that I can accessorize with patterned scarfs or sweaters and fun jewelry to mix things up.

Ok, so I’m not a model at all so no laughing at my awkwardness, but I wanted to show you what my new uniform looks like. Here’s some pics:

Shoes / Boots / Scarf

So far, I’m loving the whole “uniform” thing. Getting ready to leave the house has been so easy lately. I just throw on a dress, some tights, and pick out some accessories. I’ve gotten more compliments than ever too.

I know dresses aren’t everyone’s thing, so tell me, what’s your uniform? Even if you don’t have a uniform, what do you think yours would be if you did? Jeans and a black t-shirt everyday? Or black dress pants and a solid-colored collared shirt?

Have you heard of eShakti?

So far I’ve purchased three new dresses. I’m planning to gradually add to my collection as I get the money. Then I can pass most of my jeans and other dress clothes on to family members.

My absolute favorite place to buy dresses from is eShakti. If you’ve never ordered anything from them, you’ve got to give it a try! They also sell tops, skirts, and jeans.

Here’s why I love eShakti:

  1. Everything is customizable. I have no idea who thinks it’s a good idea to sell sleeveless dresses in the middle of winter, but I swear that’s all I can find at department stores. I like dresses with sleeves that also have higher necklines. At eShakti, you can customize each piece. On most of the dresses, you can pick what kind of neckline you want, how long you want it to be, and how long you want the sleeves to be. In the pictures above, the red and green dresses are actually the same dress but in different colors and with different sleeve and skirt lengths.
  2. Everything is custom made. My new dresses fit perfectly. You can give them all of your measurements so that anything you order isn’t just a size 8, it’s made just for you and your measurements. I have a really long torso and even if I find a dress that fits well, the waist on the dress is usually an inch or two too high. This solves my problem. They also do custom-made jeans, which I haven’t tried yet but sounds amazing.
  3. You can’t beat the price and quality. The fabric and stitch quality on the items I’ve purchased so far is fabulous. It’s clearly better than what you buy at the department store. Considering that you’re getting a quality piece that is customized exactly how you want it and to fit you perfectly, the price is really good too. If you sign up for their email list, they will send you a high value coupon so that you can get a big discount off of your first purchase! Plus, I’ve gotten extra coupons after each order I’ve made. I haven’t paid full price for anything yet.
  4. Free returns. This is crazy to me considering that each item is custom. You can return unworn things for free. They even include a prepaid label to ship it back with.

The only thing that takes some getting used to how long you have to wait before you get your new pieces. Because all of the clothes are custom made, it can take a couple of weeks before you get your clothing. Their website says that most items will get to you within 10-14 days. Don’t worry. It’s worth the wait.

Tip #1: Have someone else measure you to get the most accurate measurements and make sure to follow the instructions on the website to measure correctly.

Tip #2: Stick with what flatters you. I know I look best in a-line or fit-and-flare shapes, so that’s what I order. Just because it’s custom made for me doesn’t mean it’s necessarily flattering. Drop waists or shift dresses just don’t look great on me, so you won’t see me in one anytime soon.

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⇒ Have you tried to create a uniform? Have you ever ordered from eShakti?

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