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Let’s Make Meal Planning Simple

Let’s Make Meal Planning Simple

Learn the meal planning method I created and have been using for years along with my special tips and tricks for spending way less time in the kitchen and way less money on food!


  1. We do all of these things! Another thing that helps us save is the fact that my kids and husband will only eat 10 or 15 different meals. So I never spend money buying new or exotic ingredients.

  2. All of these tips are great! We also buy in bulk items we know we will use, because it’s usually 25-50% cheaper than buying just a few of what we need. I’m going to have to find some recipes where the meat isn’t the main part of the dish. We are big meat fans, and it does get expensive! But this is also something else I will buy in bulk, separate and freeze for future use.

    • I do the exact same thing with meat too Erin! Our freezer is usually full of frozen chicken breasts that I got for a good price.

    • Thanks Katie! Start practicing now for your lower income when you can. You can save tons!

  3. PREACH IT, girl!! I LOVE Ibotta. It takes me awhile to earn enough to cash out since I mostly use it for produce, eggs, cleaning supplies, but I always check to see what’s available at my nearby stores so that way if there’s something that will save me money, I can take advantage!

    • Thanks Katie! I mostly use Ibotta for fruits and veggies, so it takes a while to build up for me too. But every little bit helps!

  4. Another tip! I shop at Target whenever I can! We have a Target credit card that instantly saves us 5% and the cartwheel app always has discounts on Market Pantry and Archer Farms products.

    • That’s awesome CoCo. It’s so exciting to find ways to get discounts at different stores!

  5. I’ve been subconsciously doing all of those things haha! For us, our budget went way down when we started requiring our daughter to eat what we were eating instead of serving her, her “own” food. Now she get’s way better nutrition and we save a ton (kid’s specialty foods are not cheap!)

  6. These are great tips! I’m always looking for ways to save money on food.

    The first secret is the hardest one for me. I’m definitely a meat eater. But you’re right, meat can get really pricey. I actually spend the majority of my grocery bill on meat.

    You know what? Your post has motivated me to incorporate more meatless meals into our menu. Thanks!

    • Thanks Tiffany! We still eat meal at almost every meal. We just find was to stretch it.

  7. I love your comment about limiting juices, sodas, and milk. We rarely buy juice or soda, and we drink only water. Its cheaper, and better for us!

  8. This is a great list of tips and advice on how to save money and stretch your dollar at the grocery store! Definitely use several of these already! 🙂

  9. Getting the right portion sizes definitely makes a difference, and helps to avoid future health problems down the road. Same with not serving meat as the main course. We try to make meatless meals at least once a week.

    • That’s great Gary! We don’t go meatless very often, so we should definitely work on that.

  10. I miss Aldi so much. They don’t have them on the west side of the country. Denver is so expensive, and the biggest increase in our spending has been on food. Even with Wal-mart’s Savings Receipt finder etc, it’s killing our budget.

    I am going to try the ibotta app. That actually seems like a good use of time!

    I really enjoyed this list. All are things I agree with!

    • Thanks Liz! My parents just moved out west and my mom is missing Aldi too! They’ve had a hard time figuring out what a good amount to spend on groceries is since meat and everything costs so much more.

  11. Hi Christine,

    Those are some great tips! I definitely don’t go shopping when I am hungry. I might end up buying something that is not necessary. Also, I never store ingredients that I don’t need or I will use them only once.


  12. These are great tips. I gave up on couponing awhile ago as we’ve been trying to eat less processed food. Now I may go to and print up coupons I need or I use the Cartwheel app for Target when I go. I need to give Ibotta another try. I found it confusing at first to get the rebate so gave up on it. Stopping by from Share the Wealth, I hope you’ll join us at Small Victories Sunday Linkup too if you haven’t already!

  13. Great Share!

    I have my own vegetable garden and I almost spend my complete weekend for taking care of my small saplings. I really enjoy doing it. It not only gives me pleasure but also saves money and the best thing is that I get naturally produced food stuff.

  14. Love your ideas for saving on groceries! I have found that buying my meat from Zaycon has helped a bunch. They sell in bulk. You go on their website, choose what you want and where you will pick it up. Pay in advance and then portion and freeze the meat when you get it home. Fresh chicken breasts are usually about $1.69 a pound. Cheaper than Sam’s even!