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Two Polish officers find a monkey

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Two Polish police officers walk down the street in Warzaw. They suddenly notice a monkey walking around the street. Puzzled, they try to figure out what to do. The first Policeman suggests to the second “This monkey seems to be all by himself with no caregiver or owner. Do you think you could catch him, and take him to the Zoo?” The second Policeman agrees, manages to catch the monkey, and now tells the first Policeman that he is going to take the monkey to the zoo, and come back. The first Policeman continues his tour, but after an hour, notices that the second policeman is still not back, and is not reachable. 2 hours go by, then 3 hours go by…. Until finally the second Policeman comes back… but he still has the monkey! The first Policeman, puzzled, asks “Why were you gone for 3 hours, and why do you still have the monkey? Did the Zoo not want him?”. The second Policeman responds “No… I took him out to the zoo, as you suggested. We had a very nice time. Now I’m thinking about taking him out to the aquarium.”