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60 Questions Girls Are Afraid to Ask Guys (Cute & Naughty)

questions girls afraid to ask

What are the top questions that girls are afraid to ask guys? Well, not surprisingly, most of these questions center around relationships and intimate moments. Or the man’s body. We found so many questions about the man’s body!

Questions that Girls are Too Afraid to Ask Guys

Let’s get started with general questions before we get to the naughty ones.

Questions about Girls-Guys Communications

couple talking and smiling
  • Do guys value compliments like girls do?

Yes! Guys love compliments even more than women do. That’s because we guys don’t hear compliments very often so hearing a compliment will likely make our day week.

  • What’s the best way to build intimacy with a guy?

Share your interests and hobbies with him, and allow him to share his interests and hobbies with you.

  • Do you like it when girls text you goodnight/good morning?

Guys love getting texts from their partners at the beginning and the end of the day. Sometimes guys get too shy or intimidated to send the “first” text.

  • Do you like getting texts throughout the day?

Unlike a good morning or good night text this can sometimes depend. Ask your guy, be open with him. Sometimes guys get shy or embarrassed reading “I love you” texts at work. Just ask him.

  • How do you compliment a guy (like a coworker or friend) without him thinking you are flirting?

Compliment his choices or actions. “You handled that project well.” “That was a smart idea.” Complimenting his appearance might get confusing.  Also calling guys “dude”, or “bro” lets them know you’re just being friendly.

Questions about Men’s Interests in Women

man looking at woman
  • What is the first thing you notice about a girl you’re interested in?

Her boobs personality. To be honest, it’s her hair and smile first. The smile is a window to her personality. Most guys usually notice a girl’s smile when they first meet. We can fall in love with a friendly welcome and smile.

  • How do I show a guy I’m interested in him?

Guys love smiles and compliments. Give a guy a compliment and he’ll think about it for weeks. Also physical touch is good. Lightly touching a guy’s arm or shoulder when having a conversation will definitely let him know you’re interested.

  • Should a guy always make the first move?

No way! It’s so exciting when a girl makes the first move. And it really takes the pressure off guys.

  • How often do you imagine the women you see day-to-day naked?

Sometimes yes. Maybe an actress in a movie or TV show, or a woman you encounter while out and about. But they’re really only quick thoughts or small fantasies that quickly go away.

  • Do guys brag about their girls with their friends?

Guys absolutely brag to their friends about their girls. They brag about not only their looks but their career successes and personal milestones too!

  • Do you imagine getting intimate with women that are just your friends?

Maybe from time to time, yes. Again only as a small fantasy or quick thought. But if a guy has a girl that’s a friend, she’s a friend.

Questions Girls are Too Afraid to Ask About Men’s Bodies

man's body
  • Do guys feel insecure about their bodies?

Yes definitely, we’re only human after all. Sometimes we worry about our weight or our muscles. We don’t like losing our hair or having it turn gray. But if we look good to you, let us know! Guys love hearing compliments.

  • Do your testicles jiggle?

No, but they bounce. They don’t when we are just sitting around. But they do when we walk and run.

  • What do you do when you get “excited” in a bad environment (church, work, school)?

It happens a lot. Deep breaths. Sometimes staying seated for longer than you planned. Or flipping your member up into your waistband will help it not be too visible to others.

  • When you “play with yourself” do you think about your partner or someone else?

It depends. Lots of guys think about fond memories and experiences with their partners. Sometimes they just fantasize about things or people that help get them excited.

  • Do you crush your nether regions when you wear skinny jeans?

It can happen. But if you’re wearing skinny jeans that actually fit, a guy should have no issues.

  • Do your nether regions bounce when you run? Does it hurt?

They do. But guy’s bodies are super smart. Their nether regions contract closer to their bodies during exercise to avoid too much bouncing.

  • Do you have to hold your member in order to pee?

Sometimes it helps to “aim” but guys don’t need to hold it the entire time.

  • Can you still run when you get “aroused”?

Not really. It would definitely look and feel funny to do so. I have never done it and there is probably a good reason!

  • Can you pee when your nether regions are “excited”?

Yes, but your aim will definitely be off. And it might feel slightly uncomfortable. Guys usually wait a second for when they’re not as excited and their muscles are more relaxed.

  • Does the size of a guy’s member make him feel more/less confident?

Sometimes it does, especially when a guy is younger and still developing. If you like the size of your guy, let him know!

  • Do your nether regions get crushed when you ride a bicycle?

Nope. A guy’s nether regions are far more forward on their body than one might imagine. And a bike seat is perfectly built to accommodate this (a guy’s parts might get sore if you’re not used to bike riding though).

  • Does it really hurt when guys get kicked “down there”?

It’s incredibly painful. Like an immediate total body pain sensation. It can knock a guy to the ground and knock the wind out of him.

  • Do guys like girls to have hair “down there”?

In the same way that girls don’t seem to mind one way or the other, guys don’t care. If you’re groomed toward your own preference a girl won’t care.

  • Does your member float when you are in the bathtub?

Yes it does! Just like rubber duckies.

Questions about Intimate Relationships

couple in bed kissing
  • Would guys get offended if a girl asked them to shower before they get intimate?

No way! If a shower is the only thing standing in the way of getting intimate, guys will hop right in!

  • When a girl sends you nudes, do you save them?

If the girl says we can keep them, definitely. If the girl says that we can’t save them, we won’t. It’s important to set the right expectations early.

  • Do you keep ex-girlfriend’s nudes?

If she said we could, yes. But it’s bad form to have a new girlfriend and keep an old girlfriend’s nudes.

  • Do you show your girl’s nudes to your friends?

Absolutely not. That’s a major violation of trust. If a girl wants their guy to show off their nudes though, let him know! It might be fun.

  • Do all guys watch adult videos online?

Lots of guys do, yes. They’re easy to access, especially on phones and laptops. They can be fun to watch. And mostly they are just ways to help fantasize or get excited.

  • Do guys want to do the things they see in adult videos?

This might be surprising, but not really. Sure, guys might be inspired to try certain moves or positions. But mostly adult videos are just visual stimulation to help fantasize.

  • What is this thing about most guys wanting threesomes?

Everyone is different in this area. Some guys might want to have another girl join. Some guys might even be interested in letting another guy. Or a girl might be more interested in having one than their guy. Just talk with them- if you’re both interested, make a plan. However, while most guys enjoy the idea of a threesome, most would not actually want to do it in real life.

  • Is the concept of “post-climax clarity” real?

It is. There’s a calmness and a peace that happens immediately after. But it only lasts for a few minutes.

  • Do guys have a favorite position?

Every guy is different. But in a lot of surveys guys typically rank doggystyle and missionary as their favorite positions.

  • Do guys really think about certain things in order to not climax too soon?

Yes they do. Sometimes boring topics, or a topic that will take up a lot of mind space like calculus problems. 

  • Do guys care if their partner doesn’t climax?

Absolutely they do. Guys want to please their girls. If it isn’t happening, have a talk, guys like their girls to finish and be happy.

  • Do guys care about a girl’s taste “down there”?

Not at all. Most guys love it actually. It’s just a matter of good hygiene practices.

  • Do guys think it’s gross to get intimate during “that time of the month”?

Not at all. It just might take a little extra planning or clean-up afterward.

  • Do guys prefer to be the “Big Spoon” or the “Little Spoon” while laying in bed?

Guys love snuggling, even if they don’t admit it out loud. It’s fun to alternate- one night as the big spoon, the next night as the little.

  • Do you think about your ex-girlfriends when you “play with yourself”?

Yes, guys do think about exes. But they’re just memories to help get excited.

  • Do you think about a girl you have a crush on when you “play with yourself”?

A lot of guys actually refrain from thinking about girls they have crushes on when they’re “by themselves”. Usually they want to get to know the girl better or start a relationship before they do.

Questions about Dating

couple on a date in a restaurant
  • Do guys like it when girls ask them out first?

Guys love it. Guys can often overthink asking a girl out. It can really take the pressure off wondering if the girl likes him too.

  • Who should pay on the first date? The guy or the girl?

This is a big debate, it’s tied to cultural and societal expectations. Lots of guys assume it’s their job to pay for the first date. If you’re not interested in that, have a conversation.

  • Do guys get offended if a girl asks to split the bill on a date?

Not at all. Have a clear conversation, but sometimes guys feel they must pay. Maybe offer that if the guy buys dinner, you pay for the movie tickets.

  • Do guys really care if girls don’t wear makeup?

Not at all. If wearing makeup makes a girl feel good, great! If not wearing makeup makes a girl feel good, also great! Whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable.

Questions about Couples

couple with man kissing woman
  • Do guys get intimidated if your girl makes more money than you?

Maybe some immature guys do. If you’re in a relationship with someone that makes more money than you, it’s great! It helps both your lives.

  • Do guys get jealous if I have male friends?

Definitely not, guys have friends that are girls too. As long as they are truly your friend it isn’t a problem.

  • Can guys be friends with a girl without developing feelings?

Absolutely. Guys can definitely have platonic friendships. But if feelings do develop on either side, it’s good to be honest about it and have a conversation.

  • What is a good gift to get a guy for his birthday?

Try to find something that will appeal to his interests or hobbies. Video games, sports equipment, technology. Tools or gadgets for projects. Nice clothes. Get him some of his favorite food or beverage too- steak, burgers, and beer.

  • Should I have to  tell my partner what I want for my birthday? Shouldn’t he be able to know/guess?

Definitely. If your partner knows you well, likely he’ll come up with some creative ideas for what to get you for your birthday. But if you want something specific make sure you TELL HIM. Sometimes guys don’t take hints or subtlety- be clear.

  • Do guys like girls with really long hair?

Guys don’t mind at all. Guys usually prefer whatever hairstyle or length makes a girl feel confident and comfortable.-

  • Do guys like girls that lift weights? Have really defined muscles?

Yes, girls that lift weights are awesome. You can spot each other when you’re at the gym.

  • Can you admit it when another guy is attractive?

Yes, it’s easy to admit other guys are intrinsically handsome or attractive, especially athletes or celebrities, without being personally attracted to them.

  • Do guys gossip with their friends like girls do?

Guys definitely gossip. But not to the same amount the girls do in regards to their relationships, usually the gossip is about sports, money, or work related topics.

  • Is the idea of guys having “locker room talk” real?

It’s real in a sense. This is mostly juvenile stuff that guys do in middle school and high school. The way it’s depicted in movies and TV shows is exaggerated. Guys mostly just laugh and joke about each other.

  • Do guys talk to multiple girls at the same time?

A lot of guys do talk to multiple girls at the same time. With dating apps it makes it much easier to do so. But if you want to be exclusive, like anything else, you have to have an open conversation about it.

Questions about Living Together

couple upset together in bed
  • Seriously, why don’t guys put the toilet seat down?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget to do it. It’s never personal.

  • Why do guys get so annoyed when we talk during movies or sports games?

Again, it’s really not personal. Sometimes especially during sports games they move so fast guys might be afraid to miss an important moment.

  • Why don’t guys ever notice when girls get their hair done?

Sometimes we don’t notice. It’s never personal. If you want your guy to notice, just say: “I did my hair today. What do you think?”

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