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Useful Tips On How To Learn Playing An Instrument In A Short Time

Two youngsters playing guitar

A lot of people consider playing a musical instrument to be an impossible task. Others feel that they are simply too old or too young to learn how to play one. Still, there are many ways in which you can learn to play an instrument fast. You don’t need to be a genius or to give up your life for the next few years in order to play it, you can use some of our tips.

1. Find out what instrument you would play

There are lots of instruments in existence, but you should never feel obliged to learn how to play each one of them. Instead, think about what kind of music you like the most. Do you prefer rock or jazz? By choosing the right instrument, it will be easier for you to stick with your decision without wanting to quit after a few months. For example, learning the violin would be different from learning how to play the drums. If you are still in doubt, just imagine yourself playing the instrument you would like to learn for hours on end. If it makes you feel sick or bored, then don’t do it! You will only get tired of practicing every day and lose interest in your new hobby.

2. Find out whether there is a music school close to you

There are many schools and private teachers where you can learn how to play an instrument. If you have a computer or a smartphone, it should be easier for you to find one close to you. The advantage of going to a school is that the teachers are usually more qualified and can help beginners learn how to play in no time. However, if there isn’t a music school near your home, ask around whether your friends know somebody who would be willing to give private lessons. Even though this option will be more expensive than going to a public place, it should still save you a lot of money throughout the years. Moreover, the best thing about having an experienced teacher is that he will be able to show you all kinds of tricks on how to get better fast!

3. Find out the rules of the instrument you want to learn

If you already have a specific instrument in mind, we suggest that you do some research on the Internet. This is the best way for you to find out all about it, especially when it comes to practicing. To give you an example, some instruments require that you should always be touching a specific part of your body, while others can be played by simply using air or breath alone. You will save yourself a lot of time and effort by doing this simple activity before starting to learn how to play it properly. Also, you need to study music theory, so you will know which notes correspond to each key on your instrument. 

4. Make a daily practice schedule and follow it no matter what

Now that you know which instrument you would like to learn how to play, we can move on to the next step: setting up a daily practice schedule and sticking to it! No matter what, even if you don’t feel like practicing, remember that music comes from the heart and not from your head. If you need to cry or let out all of your anger, this would be a good time to play an instrument as well! On the other hand, if you want to go partying with some friends instead of playing on your guitar after work every day, we suggest that you think twice. Remember: practice makes perfect and if you want to learn how to play an instrument fast, then it is only natural that you should put in a couple of hours each day.

5. Use online videos for practicing

As we mentioned before, playing an instrument can be a tough job, and it’s not for everybody. If you are the kind of person who likes to practice on their own instead of going to music school or having private lessons, then we recommend that you watch lots of online videos on how to play your favorite instrument. This way, you won’t get bored, and you will be able to learn on your own without feeling insecure. There are thousands of great videos where you can find some useful tips on how to improve your skills as a musician fast and practice at home. When watching these tutorials, you should pay close attention to the movements the person does because this might help you avoid making mistakes down the road. 

Little girl playing violin

The right attitude is the key to learning how to play an instrument correctly. If you are truly dedicated and put in a lot of effort, no matter how long it takes, you will eventually get where you want to be! It’s true that some instruments are harder to learn than others, but this doesn’t mean that you should give up on yours. So, if you are willing to practice for hours every day,  don’t forget to follow all of these tips! 

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