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4 Tips And Tricks For Lighting Up Your Home The Right Way

The ambiance of your house can do wonders in creating an overall impression of your home. With the wrong type of lightning around the house, you can dampen the trendy decor as well. It wouldn’t matter how chic everything else is because lighting creates a powerful impact and casts an aura of the whole space that is unbeatable. If you are not sure where to start with lightning up the house, below are four tips that may help.

Natural Light is the Best

Everyone loves the natural light, and you would find no equivalent to it for a good house ambiance. Regardless of the season around the year, just welcoming the warm sun in your house would have an amazingly spectacular impact on the  ambiance. There are also other advantages in bringing in the natural light, like, staying safe from mold and foul odors. So, you should keep the curtains parted when it is bright outside in order to add some upbeat vibe. You can also make strategic use of mirrors to enhance the natural light. A simple trick is to let go of the dark and heavy curtains and go for something lightweight and light-colored as it would assist in adding more light to the house. 

Do You Remember What Room You’re In?

Well, you should not forget the primary purpose of the room that you are working in. Some people tend to go all over the board while installing the light fixtures around the house without keeping in mind the purpose of each room. For instance, the living room is often a zone where everyone would come to unwind after the day’s work, but it also serves as an entertainment space for your guests, so the light fixtures around the living room should have a dual purpose; soothing and welcoming. You can make use of mood lights and balance the ambiance creatively. You don’t want too many bright lights here because this is the most frequently used room in the house, and you do not wish to spoil the relaxing vibe. 

You can start by using a pendant and accent lighting around the space. If you have an open kitchen area around the living room, adding accent lighting would brighten up the space quite nicely. With these lights, your kitchen won’t steal away all the attention, rather will blend comfortably with the rest of the interior. 

Go for Ambient Lights

Some people feel split between whether to go for the small-sized ambient lights or the central lightning that we use as a standard. You should go for ambient lights as they make space feel warmer and add to the overall persona of your house. With ambient lights, you can add a pleasant hue all around the house and even lighten up the darkest corners. 

You should use table lamps, floor lamps, recessed lights, or candles around the house. Such light fixture variations not only add some character to your home but are pretty interesting visually. The variety at can give you an idea of what kind of options are available. You may use these fixtures to bring attention to wall art, picture or sculpture as well. If you intend to add an accent to an object, it helps to lighten them up from the back. If the light is thrown indirectly on a decorative piece, it adds a specific accentuation to the overall feel. If you are looking to add some drama, add light fixtures below glass or other translucent / transparent items. A cleverly thought-out ambiance should make your house look awe-inspiring.

Go Big With a Chandelier

You can easily add to the personality of a room by going for a terrific chandelier. There are all kinds of styles that you would find in the market, ranging from traditional to contemporary. You should be able to easily find a chandelier that matches your style and accentuates the room nicely. It can also be a great way to balance the lightning around the room if you can’t get the right ambiance with other light fixtures. Before selecting a chandelier, make sure that you are considering the size of the room, but you can always go for a proportionally bigger one if that’s the look you are going for. 

While adding light fixtures around the house, it is pretty easy to overdo it. Adding unnecessary light fixtures can ruin the comfortable and warm feeling around your house and would be bothersome during the night. Too much light (or excessive light) adds to the eye strain as well. So, be mindful when adding some spice around the house with lightning fixtures. 

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