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4 Ingredients You Need to Make Great Tofu Pudding

We have transitioned to a vegan lifestyle and we’ve written before about our vegan meal plan. One of the things I’ve struggled the most with the vegan lifestyle is how to deal with my cravings for something sweet! Something like a slice of cake. But you know that you can’t eat a slide of cake as it contains milk and eggs.

I know how you will feel after eating that slice of cake. Even if it was a few bites, you will feel guilty and ashamed of yourself. Let’s not get to that point. I am going to show you how to make a healthy dessert. You can have it again and again without having to worry about going away from your vegan path.

tofu p udding

To make tofu pudding, you will need the following ingredients.

1.  Cacao Powder

You must be asking yourself how cacao powder differs from cocoa powder. Cacao powder is milled into powder after it has been processed under low temperatures, while cocoa powder is roasted under high temperatures. Cacao powder is a healthier option of the two according to the NY Times, and it has many benefits. Some benefits can include lowering blood pressure, reducing the risk of diabetes, and reducing inflammation.

2. Tofu

I don’t know about you but a while ago, when I had not come across tofu, I used to think they are tasteless blocks. Now, when I’m in my kitchen and I use it, I think back to those days and feel slightly ashamed of myself. How can something that is a norm to me now have seemed so foreign and weird? Tofu is delicious when prepared right. It has essential amino acids that are essential in your body. It is high in protein. It also makes for a great vegan dessert when used with other ingredients. Tofu has few calories and is considered to be a meat substitute, which is why it is popular as it is in the world.

3. Vanilla Extract

One source of vanilla extract is the vanilla pod. We can also find them in the anal glands of beavers. I know this is gross. Let us not dwell on it. Vanilla extract is an essential ingredient in many desserts, especially cakes, ice cream, cookies, brownies, and puddings. You should know that there is no way that vanilla extract can be clear or colorless. This is because of the way they extracted it. If you see one that is clear, it is artificial. I use vanilla as a substitute for sugar, and it can help to reduce blood glucose levels that are high.

4. Instant Coffee


I do not need to elaborate on this. Almost everyone has had a cup of coffee in their life. In the modern diet, coffee is one of the biggest sources of antioxidants. I associate this with many health benefits. If you are worried about the amount of caffeine, you put in your body, instant coffee is a good option. This is because it has less caffeine compared to regular coffee.

After you have gathered all the ingredients, blend them until the mixture becomes smooth. If you are like me, add a pinch of salt, but if you feel it is fine that way it is okay. I like to let it chill in the fridge before I enjoy it. You do not have to do that either. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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