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Polish man married to an American lady

10 months agoReviewed

A Polish man immigrates to the United States. He doesn’t speak English very well but still ends up marrying an American woman. One day though, he ends up going to a divorce laywer, and asks how to go about setting up a divorce. The lawyer asks a few questions: Lawyer: “Do you have any grounds?”. Polish man: “Yes, we have little house… with garden. Is nice.”, Lawyer: “I mean… do you have any foundation for this case?” Polish man: “yes, concrete foundation”. Lawyer” “Ok…. Well, tell me about your wife. Does your wife beat you up?” Polish man: “no, I am always first one up”. Lawyer “Well, is she a nagger?” Polish man: “No, she white”. Lawyer: “why do you want a divorce?”. Polish man: “I think she is going to poison me.” Lawyer, surprised “oh, why do you think that?”. Polish man: we argued, and the next day, she got several bottles at drugstore and it was written on them: ‘Polish Remover’…