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Ducks in heaven

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Two women pass away and end up in heaven together… When they get there, they are welcomed by Saint Peter, who simply tells the women: “Welcome to heaven. You may come in, but you just need to be very careful not to step on the ducks. If you step on a duck, you will get punished.” Surprised, the two women agree and enter heaven. Indeed, they see ducks all over the place… As a matter of fact, it’s really challenging not to step on a duck at one point or another. After a few days, one of the two women eventually has the inevitable accident and steps on the duck. A big “Quaaaaackk” can be heard, and Saint Peter comes running. Upset, he tells the woman who stepped on the duck that she will be chained forever to a very ugly man – the punishment for stepping on a duck is indeed to get chained for all eternity to a very ugly partner. The second woman – who does not want to be chained to an ugly man for eternity – is now VERY careful not to step on any duck. After a few months, she has managed to NOT step on any duck. So Saint Peter comes in with a very, very handsome man. He chains the second woman to the handsome man. The woman, very excited and happy about this turn of events, says: “I don’t know what I did to deserve being chained to a handsome man like you – for all of eternity!” The handsome man responds: “I don’t know about what you have done, but I have just stepped on a duck…”