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American tourist in a Mexican rodeo

4 months agoReviewed

An American tourist visits Mexico and goes to a rodeo. After the event, he goes to the venue’s restaurant. Since a bullfight was just over during the rodeo, the waiter recommends fresh testicles that have just been cooked. The tourist, interested in trying something new, agrees to order them.

It turns out, they were delicious, tender and full of flavor. Quite a unique experience.

A few months later, he returns to the same place with a friend. Interested in sharing this experience with his friend, the tourist brings him to the same restaurant: “They have this local dish that is amazing – you should try it out!”.

However, when served the new dish, the testicles dish is nowhere close to being as good as what he was served the first time around. The testicles are much smaller, not as flavorful and much drier. When asking the waiter about it, the waiter responds “Well… Senor, it’s pretty rare but sometimes the bull wins the fight”.