The #1 Reason Why You Need to Start a Blog + How To Do It

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The #1 reason you NEED to start a blog + simple steps to get one started the right way. No, blogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there’s one very important reason why you need to start a blog.

The #1 Reason Why You Need to Start a Blog

Because You are Unique!

You are special. No one has lived the life that you have lived and no one has experienced what you have experienced.

You Have Something to Say

This was my biggest struggle before I started this blog, and is still a big struggle for me.

There are so many amazing writers and bloggers out there producing amazing content and advice. Why should I bother adding myself into the mix? Because I have something to say, that’s why!

Blogging gives you a voice and a way to express your thoughts and knowledge. It is kind of shocking to me that people read what I write, but I have something to say, and I am using this blog to say it.

Blogging is my way of making the world and simpler and more positive place.

You have something to say. Blogging can give you a voice.

You Have a Unique Point of View

Even though there a ton of simple living and personal finance writers out there writing amazing content, I still feel like I have a place in the blog world.

I have a unique point of view because of my life experiences, and you do too.

There are thousands of fashion bloggers out there, but none of them has your style.

There are many, many food bloggers, but none of them cooks how you do and does things the same way.

Some bloggers share their struggles with chronic pain and illness, or their dating stories and advice, or their travel adventures.

There is room for all of us because we are all unique and we are all saying things in a different way because of our special point of view.

You Are an Expert

The things that you do automatically, the things that are habits so ingrained in you that you don’t even know you’re doing them, those things are important.

Everyone is an expert at something.

The trick is to believe that you are an expert and to see that the things that come naturally to you don’t come naturally to everyone. That gives you something to share!

Meal planning, budgeting, and keeping a tidy home come naturally to me and make me happy. It took me a while to realize that not everyone is the same way, but maybe they would like some advice on how to get better at those things.

You need to start a blog because you are unique, and the world needs to hear what you have to say.

do it now

A Few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Start a Blog

Like I said, blogging isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. While I truly believe that everyone could have their own blog, here are a few reasons why maybe you shouldn’t start a blog:

You Hate Writing

Blogging does involve writing. If you really, really hate writing it might not be for you.

I say “might” because there are some spectacular blogs out there that are 95% pictures and 5% writing, so there is a way around it. Something to think about, though.

SuccessYou Don’t Want to Spend Time on It

Blogging takes up some of your time. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend on it.

I would think you could spend about 2-3 hours a week on a small blog that posts new content fairly regularly. If you have big goals for your blog, you’ll probably spend more time.

You Only Want to Do It to Make Money

You absolutely can make money blogging, but it is not the fastest way to make money.

If you’re only in it to make money, you’re going to be disappointed at first.

How to Start a Blog

If you want to start a blog and share your voice with the world, here’s a quick tutorial to get you started:

I highly recommend using Bluehost to get your blog started. They make everything super easy and can help you every step of the way. This is the second blog I have used Bluehost for, and I have been very satisfied with their services.

My website goes down occasionally, and I know I can quickly get on a chat with someone at Bluehost and they resolve the problem immediately. They take care of the frustrating parts of running a website so that I can focus on the fun parts!

Here are a few reasons why to start with Bluehost:

  • You get a FREE domain
  • Bluehost gives you 24/7 support
  • Bluehost makes it incredibly easy to install WordPress, which is the easiest blog creation tool to use
  • Bluehost is affordable; just a few dollars per month is all
  • Your blog will be self-hosted, which makes it look professional to your readers and easier to make money with


Click Here to get started.

Select Your Plan

The first thing you need to do is select your plan.

There are three options. I recommend choosing the least expensive “basic” plan.

You can always upgrade to a different plan later on. I’m still on the basic plan.

Bluehost tutorial select plan

Get Your Free Domain

When you sign up for Bluehost, you get a FREE domain.

Whatever you choose is permanent, so put some thought into this.

I chose because I knew I wanted to blog about simple living, but I didn’t want to narrow my scope too much by picking a name that would lead to a very specific niche.

On Bluehost’s website, the screen will look like this:

bluehost tutorial domain

Start typing different names you like to see if they’re available. It might take a few tries to find a name that’s available. You have to get a bit creative.

Don’t forget to triple-check the spelling on your domain name. You don’t want to purchase it and realize later that it’s spelled wrong! #embarassing

Choose Your Package Options

Next, you’ll enter your name and address to create your account with Bluehost.

Before you pay, you will need to look through a few package options.

The price is lower per month if you choose a longer hosting plan. Choose whatever you feel comfortable with. I purchased a year of hosting when I started because I wasn’t ready to commit to anything longer.

The 12-month plan is only about $60, so it’s very affordable. Plus, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days. If you want a refund anytime after that, your refund will be prorated.

I would uncheck all of the other boxes except for Domain Privacy Protection. Domain Privacy Protection keeps your contact information safe, so it’s totally worth it. (Note: prices do change from time to time)

bluehost tutorial package info


Connect to WordPress

That last step before you get started is to connect your site to WordPress. Bluehost makes this super easy.

Once you’re logged into your cPanel (control panel) on Bluehost, look for the “website builders” section. Choose the icon that says “Install WordPress.” This will bring you to the Mojo Marketplace where you can click the install button.

Click Here to watch a great video tutorial showing each step.

You did it! Feel free to contact me with any question you have.

Now you can start creating posts, choose a theme to change the appearance of your blog, and share your unique story with the world.

If you haven’t yet, click here to start your blog with Bluehost.

Bluehost Home Landing Page



You might want to check out my Resources Page to see some of the blogging resources that I use. You’ll also see some of the affiliate networks I use to make some money blogging.

⇒ If you don’t have a blog yet, what do you think you might like to write about? If you’re a blogger, how did you get started? And what are you most proud of about your blog?

Learn how to start your own blog!

21 thoughts on “The #1 Reason Why You Need to Start a Blog + How To Do It

  1. Erin | A Welder's Wife

    I love having my own voice with my blog. You are right when you say we all have our own unique way of doing things, and it is not a repeat of something else. I think everyone should blog at least to see how far they come over the years. It is a great way to document your life and build your creative abilities.
    Erin | A Welder’s Wife recently posted…30 Day Blog Challenge: Day 20My Profile

  2. candy

    I started blogging with the encouragement of family and friends. Thought I was to old and nobody would care what I had to say. I’m not interested in making money. Love the connecting and interaction with everyone I meet in person or on different blog sites.
    candy recently posted…Amish Chocolate FrostingMy Profile

    1. Christine Post author

      That’s great Candy! It is cool to connect with other people in the world who like the same things you do.

  3. Erika

    I’m brand new to the blogging world, and I agree with your reasons for getting started. Sure, there are many sensational bloggers out there, but that doesn’t make my perspective any less unique. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lisa Sell

    Such a useful article. I have friends asking me about setting up blogs and referring them to this is going to save me a lot of time! Thanks!

  5. Jolina

    Absolutely do not start a blog if you don’t want to spend time on it!! It was the biggest surprise for me when I started – the amount of work it actually took. I still love it though 🙂 This is a great post!

    1. Christine Post author

      Thanks Jolina! It can definitely be time-consuming. It’s fun for me to figure out how to do things.

  6. Carlie

    Starting my new blog was something that just felt right. I knew I had something to say and could envision how and why I wanted to say it. I’ve blogged before but never with such purpose. My #1 piece of advice for any new blogger is to really study why they want to blog (hobby vs business) and then decide on a voice from there.

    1. Christine Post author

      Thanks Carlie! I started blogging to have a creative outlet because my job was not at all.

  7. Natasha

    I haven’t started my blog yet .. Well I have but I ended up permanently deleting the posts I had bc I decided to go in a different direction. I’m a mother, work FT, and like to spend a lot of time on social media. My passions are art & makeup. I’m not a makeup artist or anything but I like to think I do a decent job ; haha. I’m sure ladies I know and others would like to see what I can do or what I have to say. They can see my progress over time as well (: I’ve been considering joining a direct sales company whose main focus is makeup – so maybe I can work that into my blog too. Sell my own product 😉

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