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Right Hand Itching – What Does It Mean?

Maybe you’ve heard about the numerous superstitions related to right hand itching. Some say having an itchy right hand means that you’re about to lose some money, others say it signifies freedom, strength, and personal growth.

So what’s the deal anyway? Does right hand itching mean you have bad luck, good luck, or is it a complete myth?

If you want to know more about the spiritual meaning of having an itchy right hand, then you have come to the right place. This article will help you understand more about the superstitions related to having itchy palms.

Origins of the Right Hand Itching Superstition

right hand itches
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The origins of the ithcy-palm superstitions can be traced back to the Saxons and Celts during the pre-Christian era. Saxons believed that rubbing one’s itchy skin on silver was a cure for most diseases, therefore they started rubbing itchy palms on silver.

Eventually, this belief turned into a superstition where if you experienced an itch, it meant money (silver coins) was coming in. This superstition was later adopted by the Romans, especially by fortunetellers, who interpreted it further turning it into the version that we know today.

Others believed that, in case your hands were itching, rubbing them on wood was a way of protecting yourself against bad luck and a guarantee that more money will be heading your way soon.

Possible Meaning of Right Palm Itching

From giving or receiving money to getting a new job or making new friends, right hand itching could mean a lot of things, according to various cultural and spiritual beliefs. If you don’t suffer from any medical condition that could cause a tingling sensation in your hands (psoriasis or eczema), these are some possible meanings of right-palm itching:

Different Versions of the Superstition: Money Could Be Coming In Or Going Out

A palm itching sensation can signify many things and is often interpreted by various cultures around the globe as an incoming cash flow or a bill that has to be paid. A common superstition says that if one palm itches, it means a new source of money is coming your way, and if the other hand gets itchy then you will have to pay out.

In many cultures, the right hand is considered active (because most people are right-handed), and the left-hand is considered passive. Therefore, left-hand itching means money is coming in, while right-hand itching means money needs to be paid out. But it could also be the other way around.

Right Hand vs Left Hand Itching for Men and Women

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Right palm itching can have different meanings for males and females. If you are a male and you have an itchy right hand, it means you are going to attract money, whereas if you are a woman and you have an itchy right hand, it means you will lose some money.

On the contrary, when a woman’s left palm is itching, it is considered a positive sign.

An Itchy Right Palm Could Mean You Will Make Important Changes

According to Superstitions and Folk Remedies, if you have an itchy right palm, this could mean you will leave a job, relationship, friendship or you will move to a different area, because you are no longer happy with the life you live. But don’t worry. Endings are new beginnings. An itchy right palm could also mean that a stranger is going to enter your life soon, who will greatly influence your future.

News might be coming your way

Is your right palm itching? It could mean that news will come from afar, according to folklore. But, according to one belief, you’ll have to spit in your itching palm to get it.

An itchy right hand could mean bad luck

According to Folk-lore from Adams County, Illinois, an itchy right hand is considered to be a sign of bad luck or misfortune. Then again, it also noted that rubbing your itching hand on wood will bring you good luck, so it seems there’s a pretty easy way of reversing your bad fortune in this case.

Having an itchy right palm could mean you’re about to win a fight  

In some cultures, an itchy right hand means that you will have the upper hand in a fight or you will be on top of things when you’re challenged.

If you’ve got an itch in your left palm, however, you might want to start running as this could mean that you will lose the battle. So, a right-hand itch can mean something good is about to happen to you, but you’ll have to fight for it first.

What To Do When You’ve Got An Itchy Right Palm

So, if your right hand itches, it could ne an unlucky sign related to money loss. However, you shouldn’t base any life-altering decisions on a superstition, nor take any chances with finances or health. If you experience a right palm itch, you can avoid gambling activities, stay away from the share market for a while, or refrain from unnecessary expenses. Being cautious about personal finances is always a good idea, anyway.

You can also say an affirmation or prayer in the morning when you wake up, to get protection from negative energies and attract wealth or prosperity.

What Happens When Both Hands Itch

Both of your hands are itching? This is considered good luck. Put both hands in your pocket and scratch, for money will soon flow into your pockets!

Others say that if both of your palms are itching, you should grab a clump of your hair and start rubbing it against your palms. The more hair you grab hold of, the more money you’ll receive! Try it and see if it works!

The Truth Behind Superstitions

According to YouGov data, nearly “one in 10 people (9%) consider themselves “very superstitious,” while another 20 percent consider themselves “somewhat superstitious.” Another Gallup survey finds that “one percent of respondents admitted to being very superstitious, 24% somewhat so, 28% not very and 47% not at all.”  Regardless of which superstition one believes in, there is no doubt that these odd beliefs will continue to play a role in influencing how people live.

The truth about superstitions is whether you believe them or not. If you’ve experienced right hand itching, and it turned out to be an interesting experience, we’d love to hear about it!

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Tuesday 6th of September 2022

Right hand itching for me as a female brings money my way, it works all the time


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