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Like Playing Scrabble? Here’s How To Improve Your Skill

You might not know it, but scrabble is a game of words. Not only do you have to spell the word, but you also need to make sure that the letters can be put together in a legal scrabble tile placement. There are many ways one can improve their Scrabble skills and some of them will be discussed here!

Play Scrabble with friends and family

The best practice is to frequently play scrabble with friends and family. You will be able to learn from their strategy as well as improve your own skills. Stay on top of new scrabble words and make sure you’re familiar with the latest scrabble terms so that you can use them when necessary. Read about the games’ rules, strategies, tips, and tricks: use the Internet to your advantage on this one.  

scrabble pieces with word friend spelled out

Don’t play too often or else it’ll get stale. Play at least twice a week but no more than once every day. That way, you’ll stay sharp and your scrabble skills will improve. A scrabble board is a great purchase for any scrabble fan because it can be used as decoration to store scrabble pieces when not in use, or play with friends on the weekends. 

Use an unscrambler

The word unscrambler can be your best friend when you’re stuck. Try unscrambling a word that has some of the same letters as your target word, but is not exactly what you need. You might find something relevant to use in the process and then combine it with other words on the scrabble board to make new phrases or even better, create whole sentences!

Use an online scrabble game site like Scrabulous or Scrabble for free if you don’t have access to a physical scrabble set. These sites will tell you what’s valid based on their dictionary so there are fewer mistakes made when figuring out which words can be played in each turn. 

Unscramblers will not only help you at that time, but they will help you with your thinking methods every time you get stuck. You should visit from time to time when playing and you’ll see just how much it can help you once you start playing for real. You’ll have a better way of thinking yourself and all those tips and lessons you get will pay off. 

Use a word list to help you get more points

Writing down all the words you can think of while playing scrabble is a great way to improve your scrabble skills. This word list should be used as an opportunity for you to get more points in scrabble, and it’s also a task that will help you remember the words from your game.

When making this list, write down any words that are on the board or ones that have been played already by other players. These words need not be added until they appear in a play. This helps ensure all possible scoring combinations are considered if there is no duplicate letter tile available at the time (like X).

Write each word so it appears with its corresponding number on the scrabble square where appropriate (e.g., “ZAP” should be written as “16”). Then, write any word that you have seen played or is on the scrabble board. All words must be written down, even if they are not in your personal scrabble dictionary! (that makes it more challenging!)

The Scrabble Dictionary has over 100000 scrabble words, so don’t worry about forgetting a word and always make sure to include uncommon scrabble words that are appropriate for extra points!

Improve your vocabulary 

Knowing more words means a bigger advantage in scrabble. If you know words that are not on the board, there is a good chance your scrabble opponent won’t be able to make any of those letters either. So when it’s your turn and you can use one of these letters, put it in play because they’re worth more points than most other letters!

Having an extensive vocabulary will improve your chances during scrabble games. Knowing all the scrabble words means that if your opponents don’t know a word then you have an advantage over them. It also improves strategy since knowing which letter tiles to place throughout the game allows for better decision-making.

Here is a list of things you can do to improve your vocabulary:

  • read more often
  • play a lot of scrabble online with friends or strangers 
  • learn more new vocabulary by reading books, magazines, newspapers, and other written materials.
  • take a class to improve vocabulary skills like crosswords or word puzzles

Take a few minutes to study the board before you start playing

Take a good look at the board before you play scrabble. This means that before your turn, study the board and look for places where you can make words to score points. Studying the board will dramatically improve your scrabble game because by studying, you are improving your knowledge of all available word possibilities on the scrabble board. Studying is a great way to learn new words too!

Take some time to absorb what’s in front of you at first glance so when it’s our turn we know how many options there are before making any moves or taking any risks. Once you know your possibilities, you can make the best move for your scrabble game and win!

If you take a minute to study the board before your turn, then you will know how many options there are. By making sure that at least one of those tiles becomes part of your word on the scrabble board, means more points because these letters are worth more than others! Studying has another benefit in scrabble games: it helps you learn new words too by seeing them used as possible scrabble moves.

Study the strategy of better players 

Looking into how good players play Scrabble is an excellent way to improve your game. Go over the past games of scrabble champions and see what words they played, why they played them, and how their opponents responded. By watching other people play Scrabble you can get a better understanding of strategies that work best for particular positions on the board.

Try out variations in strategy by playing some scrabble online with friends or strangers using different rulesets like “blitz” which is where each player has only one minute per turn instead of 15 minutes per turn. This will allow you to experiment with new ideas without jeopardizing any progress.

scrabble win

There, now you know some ways to improve your Scrabble skills. Make sure to play it a lot with friends and family, and don’t be afraid of an unscrambler if you get stuck. Make a list of words you know from the game dictionary and always work on your vocabulary skills. Whenever you are playing, study the board and how the players are better than you think. Good luck beating your opponents.

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