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Cool And Refreshing Drinks That Will Improve Your Mood And Health

Having a refreshing drink when you are feeling down, or are overwhelmed by the heat can feel like ecstasy. No matter what season you are in, having a cool and refreshing drink can lift up your spirits and get your energy levels going. If you are in the mood for something cool to drink but do not have any idea what to go for, then this list can help you decide. The following drinks are not only delicious but they also have health benefits that are extremely good for your body.

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1. Fresh Orange Juice

This breakfast staple is a great way to start the day. Orange juice is chock-full of Vitamin C. In fact, one cup of it has almost double the amount of Vitamin C that you need in a day. This vitamin is an essential immunity booster. If you ever have a cold, then having drinks that contain orange juice can help you recover much faster. There is also folate in orange juice which helps in proper fetus development. The best way to ensure that you are getting the full benefits of orange juice is to make it fresh daily. It is best to get some oranges in bulk and purchase a citrus squeezer to help you get as much juice as possible out of them.

You can also experiment by adding sour fruit juice. The composition of sour fruits is completely different from that of other fruits, resulting in a distinct and powerful flavor. Click here to view a list of sour fruits, along with their health benefits.

2. Tea

Tea is a beverage that has been around for centuries on end. Basically, tea is brewing leaves in water and drinking it. There is the basic blend of tea leaves, but there are also herbal teas that you can have depending on your mood.

There is chamomile tea if you want to relax. Another variant you will enjoy is sage tea, especially if you want to improve your memory and mental health. If your local supermarkets do not have the tea you want, you can buy tea online to get the blend of your choice and still enjoy its health benefits. If you want to make your red tea extra refreshing, you can make a batch of iced tea. It is very easy and can lift up your spirits on hot summer days, while still giving you a little caffeine hit.

3. Green Juice

The name says it all. Green juice is a blend of different green fruits and vegetables as well as yogurt or milk. Not only is it refreshing in juice or smoothie form, but it is quite beneficial because of all the different greens you are including in your diet. Some staples in this drink are celery, green apples, spinach, and kale. Each person has a different blend of greens that they add to their juice based on preference. Because of the ton of fibers that you consume in this drink, you will have better digestion and you will actually start losing weight.

4. Beetroot Juice

This refreshing beverage is extremely good for your overall health. Beetroot juice has natural detoxifying properties that your liver will thank you for, it is also full of minerals and vitamins that are good for your body. It has nitrates that help relax the blood vessels in your body which is necessary if you suffer from hypertension. Furthermore, it is an amazing immunity booster, and its vibrant red color makes it look very appealing, making it tempting to drink for adults and children alike.

5. Lemon Mint Juice

Lemons, like oranges, are rich in vitamin C, although compared to oranges, they are also rich in vitamin B. A cold glass of lemon juice is very refreshing, especially on warm days. Adding mint to the mix makes your drink even more refreshing than usual because of the kick that the mint gives it. Not many people are aware of this but the strong mint scent can actually help you get over colds a lot faster. Mint is also believed to relieve people feeling depression.

6. Cold Milk

As children, people are encouraged to drink a lot of milk because it contains calcium that helps with bone development and strength. Cold milk is quite refreshing, especially if you are indulging in baked goods with this beverage. Even as adults, a cup of cold milk has positive effects on our bodies. If you want to stop overeating, then this beverage can help keep you on the right track. A cup of milk will make you feel full, which will stop you from overindulging.

Now you have six different drinks to try out the next time you feel in need of a refreshing beverage. These drinks will cool you down and give you a ton of health benefits at the same time. The best thing about these drinks, other than cold milk, is that they are quite affordable and you can easily make them at home rather than purchase them ready-made.

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