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This page is where I spill all of my secrets. Just kidding.

It’s where I share the products and services that I use and have had great experiences with.

I don’t usually like to try something new unless I know that it has a good reputation, like good reviews on Amazon or a recommendation from someone I trust.

So here are the products that I love and use.

(Many of the links below are affiliate links. I only recommend products that I use and/or believe in. You will not pay any more if you make a purchase through these link and I may make a commission).

»Decluttering & Organizing«

With, you can easily sell your old cell phones, DVDs, CDs, video games, video game consoles, tablets, ereaders, and other tech.

Decluttr will tell you how much they’ll pay for each item and give you a prepaid shipping label. They’ll pay you the day after they receive your stuff! It’s a quick and easy way to make money from decluttered items.

The Toy Detox

Since I don’t have children, I’m hesitant to offer too much advice about decluttering toys. I highly recommend The Toy Detox if you’re drowning in toys. It’s created by Denaye Barahona, a mom with a Ph.D. in child development. She walks you through a full toy detox, including how to set up a better play area, choosing the best toys, and how to get gift-givers on board with the idea of fewer toys. Research shows that when you remove the excess, kids stress less, have better focus, and play more creatively!

The Joy of Less

If you’re looking for a book to help you declutter and get organized, The Joy of Less is my favorite! It has helped me view our home and our stuff in a different ways and offers tons of practical advice.

»Money Stuff«


Ibotta is a mobile app that gives you cash back for certain items when you scan your receipts after shopping. Ibotta is my favorite app of its kind because it’s easy to use and has cash back available for store brand items that you normally can’t get rebates or coupons for. If you use my link (click here to sign up) you will get $10 added to your account when you redeem your first rebate. You might even have a receipt in your wallet right now that you could use.


Do not shop online without Ebates! Ebates gives you cash back for online purchases at thousands of retailers. I have a full tutorial here on how to set it up on your computer and using the mobile app. It’s literally as easy as clicking a button to earn cash back once you’re all set up.

Your Sunny Money Method

My friend Sami has developed an amazing course about getting in control of your money. Her family used to be hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, barely scraping by. They now live a life of financial freedom and she is helping others do the same. Her course, Your Sunny Money Method, will help you get your budget set up quickly. You’ll work on shifting your money mindset, finding your ideal organization style, handling your money on payday, along with setting and achieving your money goals. One of the best parts is that she offers you so much support through group coaching sessions and a private Facebook group.

The Total Money Makeover

The Total Money Makeover is one of the best personal finance books around. It takes you through the process of setting up a budget, paying off debt, creating an emergency fund, and using your money to do fabulous things. While I don’t personally agree with every tiny detail in the book, the advice is solid and we try to follow Dave Ramsey’s plan.

»Personal Development« hosts thousands of online courses so that you can learn any skill you want at an amazing price.

My husband Austin and I have both learned so much from Udemy courses. In fact, Austin got more practical programming experience from some inexpensive Udemy courses than he did from his entire college degree, which helped him land his dream job! If you want to learn a new skill, start a hobby, or change careers, Udemy is an amazing place to start.

Make Over Your Mornings

After some big life changes (quitting my job, working from home, getting ready to move, and Austin starting a new job), I found that so many of my routines were completely messed up. What used to work for me wasn’t anymore and it was so frustrating. I was feeling unmotivated and like I couldn’t get my day started right. I went through the Make Over Your Mornings course and it has made a huge difference in my whole day, not just my mornings. This course really helps you think through the frustrating parts of your day so that you can come up with great solutions and get more done. It also centers around working toward big goals and not getting bogged down with everyday tasks.

»My Favorites«


eShakti sells custom-made women’s clothing. Now before you think that this isn’t for you, let me tell you: it’s amazingly affordable, the clothes are of fabulous quality, and there are free returns!

You can customize length, sleeves, and neckline to make each pieces exactly how you like it as well as using your custom measurements. I have a very long torso and it’s hard for me to find clothing that fits right. I have multiple dresses from eShakti that fit me perfectly and make me feel amazing. I would say that eShakti is perfect for special occasions, but with such a reasonable price, I don’t think you need to wait for a special occasion. New customers get a $25 gift coupon as well. You can read my full review and advice about shopping at eShakti at the bottom of this post.

Fitness Gear

I work out at home with very little equipment. I wanted to share some of my favorite items I’ve acquired over time.

My all-time favorite is our exercise bike (this is the exact one we have). It’s small, comfortable, and completely silent. We often take turns riding it in the evenings while we watch a show.

»Blogging Favorites«

There is so much blogging info floating around out there. Below are two of my favorite courses (out of the many I have taken) as well as the software and hosting I am currently using and am very happy with.

Elite Blog Academy

Elite Blog Academy is one of the largest, most thorough blogging courses out there (They only open enrollment for one week each year, so go get on the waiting list ASAP so that you don’t miss is). EBA taught me how to turn my blog into a business. It walks you step by step through becoming a better writer, gaining traffic to your blog, growing an email list, creating a product, and tons more. I was pretty much terrified to create a product but EBA made the process simple, which is wonderful because I earn hundreds of dollars per month from one of my products alone!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

Michelle, from Making Sense of Cents, created this class (Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing) to help other bloggers make affiliate income. Let me tell you, if there’s one person you want to learn this from, it’s Michelle. She earns over $50,000 per month (!!!) from affiliate marketing. The class is very thorough and I learned a ton about the best strategies to use and the proper legal disclosures. Seriously, good stuff. And my blogging income has been increasing since I took the course which is the real test, right?

Pinning Perfect

So much advice about Pinterest on the internet is just untrue. The reason I finally decided to take the Pinning Perfect course is because one of the creators actually has contacts within Pinterest and they get the real answers from Pinterest itself. The advice in the course is solid. They walk you through exactly how to gain traffic from Pinterest: from images, to keywords, scheduling, and descriptions. Plus, they are constantly updating info as Pinterest changes. Make sure you get into the private Facebook group when you take the course for all the latest info!


I switched to Tailwind for my Pinterest scheduling because that’s what the Pinning Perfect course recommends. There’s a bit of a learning curve (though the videos in Pinning Perfect made every thing a whole lot easier). I’m happy with Tailwind so far and am glad to see them continuing to roll out new, helpful features.


My email list is with ConvertKit. I am able to do so much through them with tagging, automations, sequences. ConvertKit was created for bloggers and I can tell. As a blogger, I’ve gradually branched out into more and more of the abilities that ConvertKit offers and am so happy with how everything runs.

Big Scoots

I switched my hosting from Bluehost to Big Scoots and have been very pleased with the decision! I’ve had hardly any down time since switching (a common thing on Bluehost). The customer service is amazing and my site speed is a lot better. I definitely recommend them for hosting.

»Work from Home Courses«

If you want to make money from home and blogging isn’t your thing, I hope you’ll look at these ideas:

The Selling Family

The Selling Family offers courses on how to do retail arbitrage. Basically, they teach you how to buy things at a great price and sell them on Amazon for a profit. We’ve dabbled in this at times and I can see the income potential here is huge. It’s all a little tricky to get the hang of at first, so one of the Selling Family’s courses is the perfect way to get started!

Proofread Anywhere

I took one of the Proofread Anywhere courses before I started blogging. It teaches the skill of proofreading, both technical knowledge and plenty of practice, along with how to work from home and find freelance work. It is very thorough! If you’re curious if this might be for you, there’s a free workshop that explains a lot and helps you decide.