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Take Back Your Home Today!


The 4 Day Declutter Challenge from The (mostly) Simple LifeIf you feel like your home has been overrun by clutter and chaos, The 4 Day Declutter Challenge is for you!

It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to decluttering. You might “go big” and end up discouraged when things look worse than when you started. Or you might get bogged down in looking through items that bring back strong memories.

When you sign up for this FREE challenge, you’ll actually start taking back your home from clutter.

In each of the four emails, we’ll tackle some of your obstacles and solve problems with practical solutions. Most of all, we’ll start decluttering!The 4 Day Declutter Challenge: a beginner's guide to a clutter-free life

Here’s what you can expect to gain by taking the challenge:

  • Motivation: Get excited to clear out the clutter!
  • Help figuring out how to find the time to declutter in your busy schedule
  • Know where to start to gain the most momentum
  • Solutions to tricky problems, like decluttering “memory” items and dealing with a spouse who’s unwilling to declutter

If you’re ready to take back your house, sign up for The 4 Day Declutter Challenge below!

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