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Are You Ready to Ditch Clutter and Discover the Secrets to Keep It from Coming Back?

Learn Powerful Strategies That Will Give You Instant Results 

In this video, I share everything you need you know about my new Clutter-Free(dom) ebook and how it can help you ditch clutter as well as create systems that will keep the clutter from coming back. Plus, I tell you about the amazing limited-time bonuses you’ll receive when you purchase! 

Decluttering Is Not Actually About The Stuff

A clutter-free home is about everything you can do, be, and enjoy when you don’t need to spend time and energy on the stuff. 

  • Imagine walking in the door and taking the deepest of deep breaths because you’re finally home after a long day and you can now relax and recharge. 
  • Think about the hobbies that you can easily spend time on because the kitchen counter or dining room table are cleared off and ready for action. There’s no “pre-work” of clearing a space before you can bake or sew or do a puzzle.
  • Call up some friends and invite them over tonight for a spontaneous dinner because you know you can tidy up in a flash and everyone will feel comfortable hanging out.
  • Do a workout in the living room because there is plenty of space to move around and you have plenty of energy — you didn’t have to spend that energy on sorting through piles of stuff or searching for lost paperwork.
  • Pull out a board game and have fun with your family. There’s less housework to worry about now and more time for making memories. 

You see? It’s not about the stuff. It’s about everything that is possible when the stuff is not getting in the way, taking up your time, and draining your energy. 

In Clutter-Free(dom):

You will better understand where all of your clutter came from and develop systems to keep it from coming back.

You will declutter your entire house, room by room, step by step, with mini checklists for each area.

You will discover new ways of thinking about the space in your house and your stuff. 

You will learn powerful strategies that will allow your house to stay tidy and uncluttered. 

You will tackle tricky categories with ease, like paperwork, toys, technology, and family heirlooms.

What Readers Are Saying:

You know how when you need to do something hard and you just can’t get motivated to do it or it feels soooo overwhelming? That’s the D word for me…decluttering. You would think after moving three times within five years there wouldn’t be much left to declutter. Oh, but there is! Paper, family heirlooms, craft stuff, kitchen gadgets, seasonal decorations. The Clutter Free(dom) guide helped me tackle it all. First with great insight about why I keep the stuff in the first place, then with “how to’s” to make the job of decluttering manageable, fun (yes, it is possible) and doable. Christine brings together so much great content I hadn’t seen before. Her insight  and wisdom is worthy of highlighting and revisiting again and again. Do yourself a favor. Buy the guide, read it through, and then get at it. As she says, “your home is for living, not storing”. 


I wish this book existed when I first started decluttering. Having no clue with where to start, it would have been the perfect resource to walk me step by step through my home. Christine gives practical steps and advice to help you get your home decluttered without the overwhelm, as well as systems to prevent clutter from sneaking back into my home.


The Tannehill Homestead

You’ll Also Get These Bonuses,Valued at $18:

1. Clutter-Free Gift Giving & Receiving Bonus Chapter:

Learn ways to give gifts and request gifts that won’t cause clutter, including a huge list of gift ideas. ($4 Value)

2. Whole House Declutter Checklist:

Work through your entire home with Clutter-Free(dom) and check off each area as you go. ($3 Value)

3. Daily Cleaning Checklist:

Master keeping your home clean and tidy every day with this checklist. It’ll only take a total of 30 minutes to accomplish throughout each day. ($3 Value)

4. Tidy-House Daily Habits Mini Guide:

Develop fresh habits that will keep your home in order with little effort. ($4 Value)

5. Clutter-Free Holiday Decorating Mini Guide: 

Learn my formula for enjoying seasonal decor without adding clutter and chaos to your home. ($4 Value)

Sale Ends Soon!

Clutter-Free(dom) is only available for a limited time! Once this sale ends it will not be available AT ALL until sometime next year. When it does become available again, it WILL be at a higher price and WILL NOT include all of the awesome bonuses included if you purchase today! 


How is Clutter-Free(dom) different from other decluttering guides? 

Clutter-Free(dom) is unique because it is much more than a decluttering guide! You will pinpoint how you want your home to feel, figure out where the clutter is coming from, learn new strategies that will make decluttering easier on you, and then create systems to keep the clutter from coming back! Clutter-Free(dom) is positive and encouraging. Plus, it gives easy to follow, simplified instructions. It’s like having a really honest friend in the room with you: making it fun, offering tips, and giving a little tough love when necessary.

Who is Clutter-Free(dom) for?

Clutter-Free(dom) is for you if you are overwhelmed by your house. Maybe you’re annoyed that you can never have family meals at the table because it’s always covered. Maybe you’re frazzled every morning because you can never find your bag and keys. Most likely, you’ve tried to declutter before only to have to piles come right back within a month or two — frustrating! You may feel like you’re constantly doing housework or you’re avoiding having friends over because of the state of your house. Clutter-Free(dom) is for you! 

How much time will decluttering take? I’m really busy.

You can apply all of the powerful strategies in Clutter-Free(dom) even if you’re busy! In fact, there is a chapter that gives you tips on how to be productive and effective if you only have short 10-15 minute bursts to work with. Each room is broken down into mini checklists so that you will be able to tackle each area little by little.

Table of Contents

Oh, Hi There! (a.k.a. The Introduction)

Part One: The Pre-Game

1  //There’s No Place Like Home 

2  //Where Did All of This Crap Come From?

Your Home is for Living, Not Storing

3  //Finding Time to Declutter

4  //The Game-Changing Question

5  //Pep Talk & Pre-Game

Is Decluttering Painful for You? Start with Reducing Multiples

Part Two: Decluttering

6  //Kitchen

Would You Buy It Again Today?

7  //Bedrooms

The Flat Surface Clutter Strategy

8  //Bathrooms

9  //Living Room

When Exactly Did You Use It Last?

10  //Office 

11  //Entryway/Coat Closet

The Pretend Move

12  //Storage

For When You Want to Keep Something “Just In Case”

13  //Keepsakes, Heirlooms & Memories

A Crappy Way to Honor Someone’s Memory

14  //Helping Family Declutter

15  //Ways to Get Rid of Stuff

Part Three: Systems to Keep Clutter from Accumulating

16  //Systems to Utilize

Responses to Shopping for Fun

17  //Reducing Paper Clutter

Pay Attention to Where Your Stuff Wants to Be

18  //Your Year-Round Declutter Maintenance System

19  //Daily Cleaning Checklist

Wrapping It Up (a.k.a. The Conclusion)

Money Back Guarantee

If you go through this guide and don’t get any help from it, I’ll refund your purchase in full. No questions asked.