•  I have a decent income. I feel like I should be living better than this.
  •  It’d be amazing to be debt free, but I don’t see how it will ever happen.
  •  Everything is just so expensive. There’s no way I can save money. 
  •  How on earth am I going to pay for that? There’s no money left.
  •  Why do I never seem to make any progress on my debt payoff/house downpayment/emergency fund savings?

Sound Familiar?

What if you had a plan for how to spend and save your money with purpose?

It doesn't have to be hard.

You just need the right tools.

Hi! I'm Christine.  

I'd love to show you how to create a plan for your money that you can stick to! 

I've been budgeting for our family for ten years and because of my budgeting method, we've been able to do some amazing things without an impressive income. 

Last year, we paid off almost $19,000 of debt to become debt free. We have become homeowners three separate times. We were able to pay cash for my husband to finish college and start his dream job. We have saved up a 6 month emergency fund. Plus, we just moved across the country to improve our lifestyle. 

You want to know the secret to how we've accomplished it all?

We spend our money on purpose! And I can teach you my method with the Your Money On Purpose Printable Pack.

Take Control of Your Money Today with the Your Money On Purpose Printable Pack!

  • Gain a sense of calm and control over your money. 
  • Spend your money on fun stuff, guilt-free. 
  • Finally make progress toward your goals. 
  • Gradually save for annual expenses so that you’re not stressed by them. 
  • Enjoy life more because your spending lines up with your priorities. 

What Do I Get?

17 Pages of Beautiful Budgeting Printables 

These are undated, so you can keep printing them and using them for ever and ever, amen. 

Step-by-Step Instructions with Examples

Simply follow the PDF instructions to learn how to use each printable to set up your new goals, budget, and savings system. 

Are you ready to take control of your money?

Yes! Buy Now!

Reviews for Your Money On Purpose:

I love your workbook so much! . . . I am finally not stressing about money every day because I know exactly what it's all doing! 

~ Juliana

I just used my "Your Money on Purpose" sheets and man oh man... some eye opening stuff! But I'm excited to make some changes and see some goals crushed!!

~ Gigi

I've got to tell you, I love the printables . . . it's so organized and well laid out I finally feel in charge of my finances!

~ Erika

Want to Know More About the Printables?

Goal Setting and Monitoring

We'll walk through setting goals that are important to you and then you'll have fun monitoring your progress by coloring in your Thermometer printables!

Monthly Budgeting and Bill Tracking

You are going to love being able to see your plan for your money all in one spot! I'll walk you through creating your monthly budget (painlessly!). 

You'll never miss a bill payment again with the Bill Tracker and Monthly Calendar printables! 

Track Your Spending

You will never again question if you have enough money to go out to eat or buy new clothes. 

With the Spending Tracker printables, you'll stay up to date with exactly where you are with your budget, which means guilt-free spending!

No More Surprise Bills and Expenses!  

You'll learn my method for saving up for bills and expenses that don't happen every month. No more going into debt for Christmas presents or scrambling to pay a quarterly bill. 

This will eliminate so much money stress from your life! 

Are you ready to take control of your money and make great things happen?

Let's Get Started!

Oh Yeah, When Will I Get My Printables?

Immediately! This is a digital download product. You can download, print, and get started within minutes!

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