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How to Simplify Your Schedule in 4 Steps

I really believe that if you want to live a simpler life, you need to simplify your schedule. Think about it. If you’re running constantly from activity to activity and… Read more »

1 HUGE (and simple) Way to Save Money - This might make a big difference!

1 HUGE (and simple) Way to Save Money

Prepare yourself to read something completely genius and mind blowing. Haha, just kidding guys. This money saving tip is so simple, but you’re probably not doing this all the time… Read more »

16 Ways to Simplify Your Life Today

If you’ve read the name of this blog, you know I think that simple living is important. I don’t like busy and complicated unless they’re for something that’s a priority…. Read more »

Tips For Creating An Exercise Routine That Works For You

For five months now, I have exercised almost every day. I finally figured out how to create an exercise routine that works for me! So after years of attempting to create some amount of a workout schedule, here are the tips that have finally helped me succeed:

3 Chores To Do Every Weekend For A Better Week

Every weekend there are three chores on the top of my list that need to get done. Everything else on the list is not quite as vital because if I don’t get these three things done, my week will be all kerbobbled (that’s a real word – I promise). If you’ve never gotten these three chores done on the weekend, I recommend you try it. Your week will be so much less stressful and more relaxing with these things taken care of.